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Solitude can be a regenerative at times. A time to collect ones thoughts sort out priorities and get rid of the trash that clogs the mind. It can give one a fresh perspective and calm the nerves. In solitude one can discard the trivial and build on the important. It can make one realize that they are not the centre of the universe nor will they ever be. It can be an emancipator or an enslaver, it can like some narcotics become addictive.
Personally I like my solitude but I have to ration it as I could easily turn reclusive. There are, thankfully times when solitude is a welcomed companion.
Solitude is best when it is chosen but when it is thrust upon you it can become agonizing as with a prisoner in solitary confinement it becomes a punishment. To be cut off from all society and never knowing what is taking place around you can lead to total mental collapse resulting in insanity or even suicide. The human animals is a social being who in order to thrive must have companionship, a sense of belonging, there moments when just the touch of a human hand can be almost ecstasy.
The Dictionary defines Solitude as “the state or situation of being alone” it does not imply loneliness.
I am a senior past the mid70’s in age and I live in a senior’s apartment complex located in the “Golden Horseshoe” of Southern Ontario. I live reasonably well with plenty of companions, mostly female as they are by far the more numerous of the residents in 109 apartments in the building. Just before Christmas of 2019 I conducted what you would call a rather ridiculous experiment for one week. From noon on a Sunday through to noon the following Sunday (7dys) I completely isolated and cut myself off from both family and friends. I neither answered my phone, text, or my door. I left my apartment only in the wee hours of the night to empty my garbage and my recycling. I am fortunate that I can mute the TV and still hear it through my hearing aids.
This exercise caused no alarm to my family as I quite often go weeks without contact with them. After the week expired I rejoined the world so to speak and found out that my total absence drove my friend’s nuts. If I hadn’t come out when I did they were ready to call the police as they were imaging all sorts of things. To me the week was very relaxing, almost a vacation. The solitude was most pleasant and rewarding.
I think if I were forty years younger I would volunteer for a long duration space flight or a campout at the bottom of the ocean. I one thing I must emphasize is I would have to have my books with me. I am a voracious reader and over the last twenty years I have spent a small fortune on books. I will confess that the best way to torture me is to confine me without books to read.
Well that’s my take on “SOLITUDE “ and to most who read this it will seem a bit bizzare.


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