There is an old Greek adage “Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make Mad”, seems apt for the pathological liar who occupied the White House for the last 4 years.

Surely this must be true as only a mad man would incite a portion of the American populace to insurrection. This son of the white privileged American elite has never had to take responsibility for his actions and was raise with no moral foundation. The hubris of this demagogue has no bounds and this along with his narcissism and vindictiveness make an extremely dangerous individual.

Yesterday, 20 January, before the inauguration of the incoming President, the would be Emperor and Empress gave one last snub at tradition and had a red carpet send-off complete with a military band (should have played Ding, dong the Wicked Witch is dead) and a 21 gun salute as they boarded the Presidential aircraft, ‘Air Force One’ taking them to their home (palace) in Florida. This is rather ironic for a man who dodged the draft with 5 deferments including bone spurs on his heels. Then of course this is a trait of a coward. In an interview while campaigning for President when asked about his getting out of the draft he rambled on about his medical deferment and stated” how he wished he could have served as it would be nice to get a Purple Heart for a wound, a small wound. With that statement alone he insulted every wounded serving or retired U.S. serviceman.

This coming Monday, 25th, The House of Representatives are forwarding the Impeachment Bill to the Senate for trial. It seems an awkward way of getting rid of a Leader. Under a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary system the Prime Minister (President) is the head of his or hers party and can be replaced by the sitting members holding a vote of non-confidence of the leader. Screw up big on Monday gone by Wednesday. No problem.

Well Trump is gone, but he is still alive and from past observations I would say he will start to really stir the pot. Here is a man(?) who cannot handle failure. He will spend his time birthing plots and lies trying desperately to regain power


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