RAMBLINGS 2021 (01)

                 RAMBLINGS  2021 (01)

I just realized that the last time I wrote under the heading of Ramblings was March 2019. Actually I have had a rather long dry spell in writing. Perhaps dry spell is a misnomer as “Drought “would apply far better.

With so much occurring since 2019 it is difficult to sort out interesting topics to ramble on about. Actually from my stand point 2019 was rather routine and in some instances down right boring. Now, 2020 was not what I would classify as a mediocre year. To say it was interesting is a gross understatement.

It is now Jan 28 at 10.25 am and I’m still trying to sort out what to write about. The Golden Horseshoe of Ontario got clobbered a bit with a snow storm that travelled up the east coast of the U.S. and was wide enough to swing through Southern Ontario and eastern Canada. Burlington being on the north shore of Lake Ontario usually gets most of its’ storms from the east that sweep across roughly 240 miles of open water. Compared to most of Southern Ontario we don’t get a lot of snow as most snow storms seem to swing around us either to the west or east. Winters are a lot different from when I was a kid growing up in the late forties and fifties. In the mid-seventies we bought a house in Orangeville which is roughly 60mile or 100 kilometres north of here and right in the middle of the Snow Belt. Boy did we get snow. In April of 76 a blizzard struck and shut the whole town down. The only way to get around was walk, ski, or snow mobile. Our youngest daughter was 4 months old and we ran out of milk so I had to walk to the Variety store, which was about a mile away, and get some. I had a Collie named Robbie at the time so I took him with me. Going to the store wasn’t that bad as the wind was behind me, but coming home was very different as I was walking right into the wind. Visibility wasn’t that good so I said to Robbie go home and I followed his brown tail all the way home. It was a bit of a zig zag walk as he stopped at every bush, telephone pole, and sign post on the way. We made it home looking like two snow creatures. With this post I’m taking a break from my favourite subject “U.S. Politics. I’ll close now and be back hopefully in a week.


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