Death of the Dream?

                                                                U.S. POLITICS

               DEATH OF THE DREAM?


It seems to me that a very large segment of the U.S. population is either extremely gullible or just plain stupid. Whichever it is, the Republican Party is pandering to them in a big way. These low educated, gun toting, bible thumping, conspiracy believing idiots are the possible future of the United States of America. These knuckle draggers are anti-big government, anti-science, and extremely pro 2nd Amendment. Some go so far as to believe Jesus Christ handed their Constitution to the Founding Fathers.

Long before he ran for office Trump was asked in an interview, if he decided to go into politics which party would he choose to run under. His answer was “I think I’d run as a republican because the majority of them are gullible and dumb”. In other words way back when, he knew he could con them. By the way his mother was once asked about Donald in Politics. Her answer was Oh God! I hope not he’ll ruin the country”.

Here in the 21st year of the 21st century there are definitely signs of political chaos in the American government. If things continue to deteriorate within the Republican Party there will definitely be a melt down and the party of Lincoln will commit suicide. This in my opinion would be no loss, but that is an emotional response. In the cold light of day I have to wonder what would fill the vacuum. Would Trump return at the forefront of a Fascist mob to become the American Dictator? If this scenario were to come to pass it would be an end to the “American Dream”. Of course Putin and Xi would love this. The Triumvirate of Evil Curly, Larry, and Mo and we all know who Curly is. Well only time will tell what the outcome will be and if the Fates are kind Trump will slowly vanish from sight like the Wicked Witch dissolving in water.                                 


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