RAMBLINGS 2021 (02)

                RAMBLINGS 2021 (02)

Well January has come and gone and it is now February 1st. To put it mildly this past January was a bit different to say the least. It could possibly go down in future History as the beginning of the “fall of the American Empire”. For those who would disagree with this description the U.S.  has 14 overseas territories, some in the West Indies and some in the South Pacific. I would venture to say that like Ancient Rome the fall will be spread out over many years. Romes’ fall was a result of internal corruption and decadence. Americas’ fall will be predicated on their archaic Constitution and their Republican system of government.

Perhaps I should make my position on the U.S.A. I have no love loss for its’ system of government and in some cases its’ people. There is a large segment of their population that can be defined as “The Ugly American”. They are loud, obnoxious, and ill mannered. I have met a few of them in my travels and immediately avoid them. A few times I have had to explain to people that I am not a YANK. It seem quite a few foreigners have trouble distinguishing the different accents.

Now for a slight divergence. I have noticed in the past year an increasing number of people from China, not Taiwan, but mainland reading my Blogs. . I am surprised, pleased, and flattered. I know little of China and its system of government other than what the propagandist have spewed. I know it has changed considerably since Mao but as to what freedoms they have I am somewhat ignorant.

As this titled Ramblings I’ll do just that. I woke up at 1:30 this morning, answering natures’ call, as I stumbled back to my nice warm bed I pulled the curtains aside and saw snow on the ground. My initial reaction was “where the —- did that come from”? Closed the curtain and crawled under the blankets. I awoke some 8 hours later and after dressing opened the curtains, “no snow”. Actually there was snow but it was a light dusting on the grass. The snow that fell on the road had either melted or been blown away. Anyway for a moment I thought I was whacko or something. Gotta stop those midnight snacks.

I read in the online newspaper that Christopher Plummer had passed away at 91 years of age. He was a great actor and a great Canadian. All the old great actors that I grew up with are passing on and to be honest some (not all) of these new young ones are not bad and some should consider getting another trade.

In closing I’ll jump again to American politics. Joe Biden is the oldest person elected President and I think you will see that the pressures and responsibilities of the office will weight heavy on him in the next few years. Personally I think it is good that he chose a young vibrant woman as vice as she could, if need arises, step into the Presidency with the energy that perhaps Biden lacks. I’ve been wrong before lets’ hope I am this time.


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