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 9 February 2021at 12:00 noon, the 2nd Impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump started with arguments as to the Constitutionality of the trial. After a few hours the vote was call and at a tally of 56 to 44 the trial was pronounced as being constitutional. The session was then recessed until 12:00 noon 10 February.

Watching these proceedings I was very impressed by the arguments put forth by the Democrat Managers. The lawyers for Trump were disorganized, rambling, and incoherent in their arguments. The Democrats were impressive enough to swing 6 Republicans to their side in the vote.

10 February, at 12:00 noon the Democrats started to present evidence of the riot and Trumps involvement with his inflammatory speeches which started before the campaigning started and were in just about every speech he made right up to voting day. This the prosecution depicted as the “Big Lie”. This lie was that the only way Trump could lose was through fraud on the part of the Democrats. Even after the election and his 60 odd suits filed in various courts it was proven that there was no fraud and he lost Trump still insisted that he won by a landslide and the Democrats “STOLE” the election.

If this were a civil trial and I was on the jury I heard and saw enough evidence yesterday to convict Trump ten times over but, this is a trial being held in the U.S. Senate and even though the Dems. Hold the majority it will take 17 Republicans to vote guilty to give the Dems a 2/3rd majority to convict. This is not going to happen.

13 Feb. and it is the first day of the defense arguments and I am going to force myself to sit through it. I stocked up on munchies and sodas to help wile away the hours of presumed boredom. Trumps defense lawyers were ludicrous to say the least. Their defense was a short rambling rehash of lies and falsehoods. When the vote was taken the foregone conclusion came true and the Democrats failed to change the minds of the Republicans. Seven dis vote to impeach but it was not enough as 17 were needed. The outcome of this farce was known before hand and the Dems were up against an opposition party consisting of a hard core “Personality Cult” that have sold their minds and their souls to the new “G OD” Donald J. Trump.


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