RAMBLINGS 2021 (03)

                  RAMBLINGS 2021 (03)


Sometimes I wonder about the mentality and the intellect of Americans. The latest idiocy comes from one Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) who hasn’t a clue as to where Vatican City is or that it’s a sovereign state. As is typical of Americans everything of importance is in the U.S. If it ain’t in a comic book or on Fox News it ain’t real. I suppose there are Democrats with Cawthorn’ I.Q. but they seem more prevalent amongst Republicans. In my opinion I put this shortcoming to the fact that most of these idiots come from “Bible Thumping” Evangelical states where the myths of the Bible are more important than actual intelligent facts, or as one of Trumps’ cronies put it “Alternate Facts”.

If one watches the U.S Senate and Congress in action you will be amazed at the number of anti-science, anti-intellect representative that are governing that country. Anything scientific or intellectual could bite them in “the Nether Region” and they would still manage to come up with some Biblical quote to deny it. One Senator, James Inhofe (R-OK) in order to prove his point that climate change was a sham brought a snowball into the Senate. Now that really takes intelligence (or lack of). A snowball does not prove that Climate Change is a sham it merely proves that in winter it snows in the capitol, Washington D.C. I guess the severe and prolonged fire season on the west coast, is caused by “Jewish Space Lasers” as Congresswoman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R.-GA.) stated. They must grow good “WEED” in Georgia. Either that or she has spent too much time inhaling the musty ordour from the family bible.

After four years (felt like 4 centuries) of one of, if not the dumbest President and leader of the free world the Yanks have elected a Democrat President and hopefully one that is a lot smarter. Well we can only hope.


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