RAMBLINGS 2021 (04)

                  RAMBLINGS 2021 (04)


It is Sunday morning the last day of February and I had a hell of a night up every hour to answer the call of nature. For some reason my blood sugar is bit on the high side and overall I feel like I got run over by a bulldozer. Then the bugger backed up to make sure. I went with some friends to get my taxes done on Wednesday and not only am I getting the $300.00 carbon tax refund (everyone gets it) the best news is come July my income returns to normal and my rent will be lowered considerably. Screwed up last year and cashed in all my investments to pay off all my debts and pay for my Cremation and got crucified by both the Government and the Housing Corp. that owns the building I live in. Oh well at least I can’t do that again, all gone. There are those who read my posting who must believe that I am “a few bricks shy a full hod”( a builder’s V-shaped open trough on a pole, used for carrying bricks. ) and at times I would agree with them but for the fact that I am totally sane, or at least I think I am.


It is now Monday, 1st March and as of now the old axiom “March, in like a Lion out like a Lamb”, is not holding true as it is definitely not lion like weather. Oh well the month has just begun and who knows what is in store for us here in Southern Ontario. Southern Ontario, from the sound of it one would think that Ontario is in the southern climes when nothing could be further from the truth. Ontario with its 1.076 million km2 is bigger than France, the largest country in Europe. Of course if you have a Southern Ontario it stands to reason there must be a Northern Ontario. There is and it stretches from the northern shore of Lake Huron to Hudson Bay, over 800 million of the 1.076 million km2. Gets a might chilly in the winter and sometimes it gets a might chilly here in the southern portion.


Just got in from doing a small shopping and it is a bit on the cool side at -5C. At 9:00am it was -12C so it is slowly warming up. Not that it’s going to get above 0C. Tomorrow according to the forecast is call for +8C which is darn near spring weather. Of course this being March the temp.  is up and down like a yoyo so who knows what’s in store weather wise? Speaking of YOYOs I haven’t seen one in years. Wonder if they still make them? It’s a good thing I entitled these writings as Ramblings because as of late I have been rambling all over the place. I think what my mind is doing is clearing itself to make room for my next written assault on the American Political System and of course the exiled (?) orange-haired painted-faced Troglodyte. So with that last statement I shall close for to-day.


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