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Usa. III. THE CIRCUS OF LIES. 2016/07/24

The story I am about to relate happen over the course of 4 days starting on the 18th and ending on the 21st of this month. It has taken the intervening three days for me to really grasp what I saw and heard. This lapse has nothing to do with the aging process it was caused by the amount of unadulterated lies and misstatements that were verbalized over those four days. I am referring to the Republican Convention that was just held in the “Magical Republic of Usa”.
The human brain is capable of only holding so much garbage before it retreats into an “Editing Mode” sorting out fact, if any, from fiction, which there is a lot of. The brain does this to protect itself from running amok ending in an dramatic self triggered implosion. Well the “Editing Mode” is completed and my brain is functioning within normal parameters, at least for me. So after that brief insight into my cognitive workings I shall get on with “The Circus of Lies”.
Every four years the “Magical Republic” holds dual circuses one for the “Republicans” and one for the “Democrats”. One circus is loud and raucous and the other more orderly and business like. The one that just finished, this season, had the added feature of being riddled with lies, misstatement, and braggadocio. The “Ring Master” and Republican Nominee for President is an orange-hair 70-year-old thrice married New York Developer by the name of Donald John Trump. This nominee for the Presidency must have studied old film clips from the 30’s and 40’s of Benito Mussolini and copied his style for when he delivered his acceptance speech the gesturing and posturing were that of the reviled Italian Fascist Dictator.
Trumps’ speech was filled with falsehoods, disinformation and vile name calling. Her referred to his opponent as “Crooked Hilary” and accused her of leaving a legacy of “Death, Destruction, Terrorism, and Weakness during her tenure as Sec. of State in the Obama Administration. Trump wasn’t the only agitator on Tuesday night the second day of the convention New Jersey Governor Chris Christie played the roll of Federal Prosecutor and held a mock trial for Hilary Clinton. This Charade whipped the crowd into a frenzy shouting “Guilty and Throw her in Jail” This four-day orgy of lies, deceit, and propaganda shows the politics of the “Magical Republic” at its’ worse.
The Republican candidate is catering to the fears and prejudices of the Usa working and lower classes of their population. These people tend to be conservative and religious in their outlook and long for the good old days. Well if there were “good old days” they are long gone but they have left the bigotry and racism still seething beneath the surface of their society.
The orange-haired candidate is following the path of the “Big Lie”, tell a big enough lie long enough and people will believe it. Looking at the Republican Party to-day it is hard to believe that this was the party of the Abolitionists and Lincoln the Great Emancipator. Now it is the party of the ultra-conservative religious bigoted right. If one were to look at the worst scenario in Usa one could see it becoming a Fascist State.
The thought of this Republican braggart becoming President with access to the Nuclear Arsenal makes the blood run cold and the bladder weaken. If the Fates have any regard for us mere mortals, they will not make it so.




C.S.A. [(Christian States of America) not Confederate] 2016/06/13

The first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” The two parts, known as the “establishment clause” and the “free exercise clause” respectively, form the textual basis for the Supreme Court’s interpretations …
In the si fi movie “Escape from L.A.” the United States is a Theocracy with an ultra moral conservative President for life. L.A. has become a penal island separated from the mainland by a massive earthquake. It is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat red meat, be homosexual, and have pre-marital sex. The punishment for these offenses is exile to L.A., or you can repent and be executed by electrocution. This is of course a Hollywood movie but as the saying goes “todays’ fiction is tomorrows fact”.
The U.S. is the most Christian country in the world with the southeastern and southcentral states being the predominate area for Protestant Evangelism, the so called “Bible Belt”. The Republican Party is the party of choice for these Christians as it is the more conservative of the two major political parties in the U.S. Personally I find these “Bible Belt” Republican Politicians to be just about the largest congregation in North America if not the world. They cannot make a speech without invoking god at least a dozen times. About the only time they have god in their thoughts is on the campaign trail. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that when they go to church, if they go, it is only to keep in good standing with their constituents.

As I am writing this there has been another mass shooting in the states. This time a “Gay Bar” in Orlando Florida where a seemingly young radicalized Muslim walked into the bar in the wee hours of Sunday morning with an assault rifle he had legally purchased and opened fire. He managed to kill 50 people and wound another 53 before he himself was killed by the Police. This individual as on the “No Fly List” yet he could legally buy this weapon. Now for the next two or three weeks the hypocrites will be wringing their hands and offering their prayers and condolences to the victims and their families but nothing will be done to get stop the average citizen from walking into a gun store and buying and assault rifle with extended magazines. The reason they will give is “I need it to protect my family. Hell! Why stop with an assault rifle? Buy a .50cal. machinegun or better yet look around for a surplus tank that’s for sale.



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As of this writing there has been more mass shootings in the U.S.A. than the number of days passed so far this years. Hey at the rate these idiots are knocking each other off the next time there is a refugee problem they can all go to the states as it will be empty. Just think moving into a new country with everything already in place waiting. Let’s face it the US is a country with one huge Mental Health problem.
One of the Major newspapers in America, The New York Daily News Posts Wayne Lapierre of the NRA a terrorist for profit. The major weapons and ammunition manufacturers are the primary source of money for the N.R.A. and every time there is a mass shooting profits soar as a fearful populace runs to the nearest gun store to stock up. Some Christian religious leaders are encouraging their followers to obtain concealed carry permits so they can carry a firearm with them at all times. Just think, there are roughly 62 million Evangelical Christians in the U.S. and if every one of them carried a firearm they would outgun their own military and police forces. There are about 6.5 million Muslims in America which works out to roughly 10 Evangelicals per Muslim which would mean every ten Evangelical could shoot each Muslim once and still have plenty ammo left. Bit overkill EH!
What the more likely scenario is that a group (POSSE) would congregate at a public meeting when some idiot would whip out his Glock or whatever screaming that there are Muslims in the crowd and when the smoked cleared there would be, depending on the crowd, anywhere from 10 to 100 plus dead innocents strewn around in grotesque piles of bodies, Limbs, and guts awash in a pool of blood. The chances are that there were no Muslims within miles. Even if there were these amateur gunmen would more than likely miss the Muslims as they would be so panicked they would be shooting all over the place, maybe even shooting themselves. In 2015 there has been so far 355 mass shooting of which two were perpetrated by Muslims Killing a total of 19 and wounding a total of 19. The other 353 mass shootings were by homegrown nut cases pissed off about some stupid minor slight. Another type of shooting becoming quite popular is the undeclared war against young black men by police. Hey idiots guns don’t make an efficient population control device.
I have been a resident of this Planet for 73 years and in all those years there has been a war of some type going on somewhere on this world. I was born in the middle of a war and if things keep going the way they are I’ll more than likely die in the middle of one. What the U.S. and the rest of the world has to understand that we are not going to defeat these radical terrorist militarily because as there number diminish they will like all terrorists before them merely fade into the background and bide their time. No our American cousins have to come to terms with the gun problem within their borders. These last two in California got their assault weapons legally because of a loop hole in California’s gun laws. Hey people find the Loop Hole, shut it then brick it up. Better yet, build Trumps Wall all the way around your country and leave the rest of the world alone. An idiot of a Republican President gave us ISIL thank you.



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THE APPEAL OF THE LIE. 2015/11/25.

“If you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough it will be believed”. This quote wrongly attributed to Joseph Goebbels seems to be in the process of being adopted by a Republican candidate for the Presidency of the U.S. Even after being caught in a lie Donald Trumps’ apologists believe it is okay, after all he is only human. The blinders they wear make them unaware, or forgetful, of the fact that this processes was used by the Nazi Party to rise to power and maintain a strangle hold on Germany for 12 years. For some inexplicable reason people are more prone to believe a lie than the truth.
After the defeat of Germany in 1918 and the end of World War I a lie started to circulate that Germany had not been defeated on the battlefield but had been undermined by Communists and Jews in order for them to gain power. In the 20s’ this lie was latched onto by the fledgling National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) and by 1933 enough Germanys believed the lie to elect the Nazis and have Hitler proclaimed Chancellor. With that history took its’ course to war and genocide.
Closer to now and nearer to home we have to the south of us a pre-mentioned candidate for the Republican Presidential ticket spouting on national T.V. bold face lies and racists comments and people believe him. The gullibility and ignorance of the grass root Republicans never ceases to amaze and stun me. The candidate is running on a program of fear and distrust and his audiences are lapping it up. If by some quirk of Fate Trump is elected President then the rest of the world better fold up its’ tents and await the coming of the “End of Days” as Christians believe.
Speaking of Christians perhaps the biggest lie ever perpetrated on Humanity it the “Lie of Religion”, all religion. Around 3000 years ago Abraham led his family and followers out of the city of Ur because of their belief in one God and the “camels’ nose” has been under the tent wall ever since. From this root sprang Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and the world has never been the same since. Now, before all you believers put out a contact on me let me say this. You are free to believe whatever you wish and I will not mock you for that. It is just that religion is not my cup of tea so to speak.
The point I am trying to convey is that it seems to be so much easier to believe a lie especially a big lie than to believe the truth. To me politics in part is the art of telling lies and convincing others that it is true. People are so much more ready to accept the bad than the good. Once a lie takes hold it grows larger with each telling as more embellishments are added to it. What might start off as an innocent quote misheard can end in becoming a dangerous lie causing irreparable harm to others and even backlashing on the perpetrator. Politicians will promise the “keys to the kingdom” knowing perfectly well the keys are long lost and the kingdom is gone but also knowing that if they promise enough times they will end up being believed. My advice to those who would listen to these people is keep a salt shaker handy.



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This day I had a run in with a bigot who happens to reside in this building. This individual is the epitome of a blue collared racist. I have listen to this person spout bigoted rhetoric for over a year and to-day I finally blew and called him what he is to his face. In fact we almost came to blows over his garbage spouting mouth.
I am immigrant and have lived in Canada more years than this individual has lived. I was brought to this country from Scotland at the age of five by my step-father who was a Canadian. I have been fortunate over the years to travel to a few different parts of the world and meet other people in other cultures and I personally could care less as to what race, colour, ethnicity, or religion anyone is. I try desperately to treat people as I would like to be treated. Unfortunately that does not always work and at times in anger I have made ethnic slurs. Once I cooled down and got control of myself I would always apologize.
In the case I am writing about I have never heard such egregious claptrap fall from the lips of any being until I ran into this sorry excuse for a Homo Sapien. If what pours from his lips most of the time is not blatant lies it is close as damn it. It is my opinion that this person makes the “Archie Bunkers” of the world look and sound like liberals. A saint I am not and to tell the truth in my preteens I was a racist using all the derogatory labels for the different peoples around us. It wasn’t until I was went to live in Jamaica that I learned to accept that there are different colours and races in the world. It didn’t happen overnight nor did I have a revelation. It just slowly dawned on me that there really was no difference. People are people. Hell when you boil it all down we all originated in the same place, the Rift Valley in eastern Africa.
Today for some reason I had had enough of this troglodyte’s verbiage and I blew. It was as if all the dislike for this person that has been bottled up over the past year or two erupted like the cork from a champagne bottle. I know that I should not have let it get to me but I just could not sit there and listen to the crap that was spewing from his mouth. Three of my friends were sitting with me and thankfully they intervened as I was getting ready to do some physical damage to his face. To be honest I felt like reaching in his mouth and pulling his tongue out by the roots and handing it to him. Thankfully cooler heads in the area prevailed and I walked away from him with the admonishment never to speak to me again.
In my opinion this person is living in the wrong country. He acts and looks like a “Red Necked Southern Boy” methinks he would be right at home with a pickup truck and a shotgun in the rear window.


Usa Revisited


Usa Revisited. 2015/05/09

Three years ago just 3 months before the elections we visited the magical Republic of Usa. Methinks it is time for another visit because after all Fairy Tales due change with the times.
Much has occurred in the Magical Republic in the past three years and not entirely for the good. It is now 20 months before their next election and already there are contenders throwing their hats into the ring. Some of these contenders are the same ones that tried to dethrone the Black Wizard (President) in 2012. Now the Black Wizard cannot run for election again as there is a mandatory limit of eight years. This was not always so as they had one Wizard (President) who managed to get elected 4 times and if he had lived would have been in office for 16 years. Unfortunately this good Wizard died just 4 months into his last term. I digress.

Two women have thrown their hats, bras, whatever into the ring one a Democrat (good guys) one a Republican (Idiots). Of course some of the old bible thumpers are back or thinking of coming back. Guess those thinking are waiting for a revelation from their god. In the intervening 3 years or so the inhabitants of Usa have sat back while some of their Police Forces have invented a new pass time, “Let’s Shoot an Unarmed Black Man or Boy”. I think to them it is great fun as there is usually a riot after such a shooting so the police can go out and shoot more Black Folks raising their score. Of course it is not racists it is just as far as certain Usa cops are concerned all Black People are criminals. Hell does that mean the leader of the country is a criminal because he is black.
The magical kingdom has also managed to get itself involved in another war. This time against and enemy called ISIS or ISIL depending on who you are talking to. ISIS, ISIL, is a militant fundamentalist Muslim group out to kill everyone who isn’t their kind of Muslim, wacko. The Magical Republic also managed to talk the folks from the once Dominion to join them in this venture because the leader of the onetime Dominion is a Conservative and he wants to be remembered as the man who made the Dominion a strong partner with the Magical Republic. He is also the man who took the once Dominions reputation as the great peace keepers and trashed it.
So, now as the Magical Republic starts to gear up for another election the nut bars are starting to crawl out of the wood shed and the bible thumpers are girding their loins to do verbal battle and the rest of the world prepares for the circus that is coming. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.



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One of my favourite American women has opened her mouth again and stuck not only both her feet in she also managed to crowd her butt in also. The former representative for Minnesota’s’ 6th Congressional District and Tea Party supporter in a radio interview stated that “The Rapture is coming thanks to President Obamas’ policies on Iran’s nuclear program and marriage equality”.

For those who don’t know “The Rapture is the End Times and the second coming of Christ to Earth and the believers who are dead shall rise up and the believers who are alive will rise to meet the Lord in the air” in other words the Judgement Day, Armageddon, Ragnarok, The End. Makes for a good Fairy Tale. Michele is married to a man (Marcus) who runs some kind of rehab centre for Gay people teaching that they can become straight through prayer. If you believe that I know of some good swamp land for sale.

To get back to Michele, later in the same interview she again tied her Rapture prediction to Obamas” foreign policy say that he is determined to let Iran have nuclear weapons and to also cut the legs out from under Israel. She went on further to say that god is punishing the U.S. for its’ Pagan Ways by allowing abortion and gay marriage. This women would make a number one snake oil salesman or better yet a preacher a female Elmer Gantry. Bachmann is a University graduate with a law degree a member of the Republican Party and sat in Congress from 2007 until 2014 when she decided to step down. She is a well-educated woman and it is perplexing that she actually believes this nonsense she spouts. Before Xmas 2014 she wanted President Obama to bomb Iran for a present. Somewhere along the line this woman ended up a couple bricks shy a full hod (a Y shaped device for carrying bricks). She has also argued that god is punishing the U.S. for embracing a pagan view such as abortion and gay marriage. She also claims that any treaty on nuclear arms with Iran will lead to WW III. If there is a god, which I seriously doubt, he has a weird sense of humour when he allows people of her ilk to come into this world. There are times I swear they are a waste of skin.



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NRA & TERRORISTS. 2015/04/21

The NRA is back in the news after their annual get to-gather. For years Lapierre has been hammering on that Americans need to buy guns to protect themselves from crime. Well that ain’t washing so well as according to statistics violent crime is on the decrease in the U.S.A. so now the new bugaboo is Terrorists both home grown and foreign. Any and all reasons to get people to buy guns and increase the profits of the weapons manufacturers. What started out as a sports shooting club is now a powerful lobby for the Gun Industry. I guess all the money Lapierre and his ilk are paid helps to assuage their conscience, but wait a minute, these are god-fearing Christians doing gods’ work by encouraging folks to arm themselves for the coming Armageddon.

I for one agree that Islamic Terrorists groups have to be eliminated but that is the job of the military not a bunch of red-neck vigilantes shooting anyone and everyone that they suspect is a Muslim. It’s bad enough in the states what with the police shooting black people at the drop of a hat now the NRA wants people to be armed against terrorists which basically means anyone with brown skin or wears a head scarf will be a potential target. Only in the “Land of the Free” will you find this mentality of shoot first then ask questions. Of course you can feel righteous because The NRA and its’ Prophet Wayne LaPierre are behind you.

Any sane person (I repeat SANE) would realize that by making weapons easier to get puts weapons in the hands of the so called “bad guy” and there are some very bad guys out there. The foreign terrorists don’t enter the U.S, armed to the teeth no they obtain their guns locally and as it is so easy to get guns in the states they have a virtual gold mine of weapons to obtain illegally. IN fact they don’t even have run the risk of stealing weapons when they can go to a Gun Show, of which there are an abundance, and for the right amount of money find a dealer who is willing to bend the law and sell them just about any type of fire arm you can name.

So with statistics showing a drop in violent crime in the U.S. Lapierre and the NRA have latched onto the Terrorist scenario. One way or the other the NRA is going to make sure that their distorted lie about the 2nd amendment is maintained and Like Herbert Hoover with his “Chicken in every pot” the NRA will have a gun in every house.



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ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD. 2015/03/18

All in the name of God Christians have fought Christians, Pagans, Muslim, and the same can be said of Muslims, and Jews. All in the name of God millions have been killed, raped, maimed, enslaved, and tortured. Civilizations and Empires have been destroyed in the name of God. Works of Art and Writing have been censored in the name of God. Since was held back for years in the name of God. Galileo and Cervantes were brought before the Inquisition and in the name of God pronounced Heretics. Lately in the news I have read reports of ISIL fighters destroying 3000 year old archeological sites and one radical Imam calling for the destruction of the Pyramids and the Sphynx as they are pagan symbols and must be erased in the name of God.

In the past 1385 years since Islam stormed out of Arabia and attacked the old Byzantium Empire, Christianity and Islam have been at war with each other. On the other side of the coin Christians have been fighting each other for almost as long as have the different sect of Islam. Each side in these conflicts claiming God is on their side. During the Crusades the Christian cry was “God wills it” and the Muslims were crying “Insha’Allah, Gods will or Allah Akbar, God is great”. So with the belief that God was on their side they commenced to slaughter all and sundry. The Christian Crusaders paid little or any attention as to who fell beneath their weapons. I you had brown skin and didn’t speak Latin or French you were the enemy. Jews and Arab Christians fell to the blades of the Crusaders whose attitude was “God will sort it out”. The Holy Land with its’ capital of Jerusalem first fell to the Muslims in 638 C.E. From the 7th century until the 16th it change hands a number of time the last being in 1517 when it fell to the Ottoman Turks and would remain under them until it was recaptured by Christian forces in 1917. In those 1279 years how many millions died in the name of God?
The Crusades were not the end of religious wars against Islam the enemy changed to the pagan tribes of north east Europe in the Baltic States and Russia. In the 16th century the Protestant Reformation occurred sparking war between Catholicism and those who wished to reform the corrupt practices of the Church. War between Catholics and Protestants tore through Europe for the next 200 or more years with each warring party claiming God was on their side. Religious persecution became the norm in many European Countries causing economic and political upheavals. The “Thirty Years War (1618-`1648)” started as a religious war and ended being political. In 1653 the Muslims attempted an expansion into Europe again in 1653 only to be stopped at the gates of Vienna in Austria.
From the 15th to the 19th century Protestant England was almost constantly at war with Catholic France. Both sides claiming God was on their side. The motto of the United Kingdom is “Dieu et mon Droit. (God and my Right)”. Perhaps, since the fall of the Roman Empire religion has been the reason for the majority of wars from the Middle East to Western Europe. All in the name of God. Even into the 20th century God was invoked when nations went to war. In the Great War (WWI) and WWII the German infantry mans’ belt buckle carried the inscription “Got mit uns (God is with us)”. Allied leaders called on God to grant them victory over the forces of evil. Their hypocrisy is astounding, Stalin the communist dictator of the USSR, when the German Army was at the gate of Moscow reopened all the churches so the people could pray for Gods’ help. When the crisis was averted he promptly closed all the churches again. The two great western leaders of that time, Churchill and Roosevelt were always Evil or unclean book) referring to God in their speeches. While these men called on God their armies were slaughtering one another.
It is now 15 years into the 21st century and we still haven’t learned. Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist are blowing themselves up along with innocent by-standers in the name of God. In the Middle East a new fundamentalist army has arisen, ISIL, with an estimated 20,000 plus fighters. These psychotic barbarians make little or no distinction as to whom they slaughter. Christian, Jew, Muslim, are all fodder for their butchery. ISIL (Islamic State in Syria and the Levant) have proclaimed a worldwide Caliphate and all Muslims are subject to them and their fundamental interpretation of the Quran. In Nigeria another psychotic Group, Boko Haram (evil or unclean book in reference to western education) has slaughtered approximately 5,000 innocents and kidnapped and sold into slavery hundreds of young girls. All in the name of God.
Perhaps someday in the distant future scholars when scholars look back on this period in time they may shake their heads in disbelief that these barbaric events on all side were done in the name of a God who really didn’t much care what was done as he was merely a character in a giant fairy tale. Their judgment will be one of contempt that humanity committed such acts ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD………………………



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I noticed over the past few days whilst reading the Huffington Post on line some of my favourite topics are back in the news just like the proverbial “Bad Penny that always turns up”.
I think I will start with the Congresswoman, whom we all know and love, from Minnesota’s 6th District, none other than Michele Bachmann. This lovely Christian lady wants a very special Christmas present and that is for the U.SA. to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. That is quite a Christmas wish coming from a God fearing Bible thumping Christian woman. This is really a dumb idea even for an individual as whacko as her. This wish comes as she leaves politics to pursue more lucrative ventures by travelling across the U.S. giving speeches and of course writing a book. I would suggest, if she writes a book, to entitle it “How a Total Fruitcake Gets Elected to Congress” Of course this parting wish from Michele is just the latest of a long line of idiotic, moronic statements to spew forth from her mouth. One should really have ones brain in gear when one speaks. Unfortunately the clutch between her brain and her mouth burned out long ago breaking that connection. When she announced that she was no longer going to run for Congress I thought well maybe now the yanks will get it working right. Then I realized that there are 435 Congress and even if I figure on the conservative side there must still be at least another 80 or 90 dingbats still there. If there is a God or Gods or Fates they sure like messing with the Yanks.
Now my other favourite topic. Creationism (FAIRE TALE). The Creationist Museum in Kentucky is back in the news with the announcement that the State Tax break they were enjoying has been revoked. It seems the Museum is breaking the law by screening any and all job applicants on their religion. That is a definite no no. This is a violation of both the state and federal constitution in that The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Why any normal intelligent person would apply to work there is beyond me. Then again I guess it is kind of like Disney Land with religious over tones. The Creation Museum is based partly on the Book of Genesis in the Bible in fact they state that the answers are in Genesis. Now according to this the story of Noah and the great flood is true in that God told Noah to build the ark and gather two of each animal and bird and place them inside because there was going to be a big flood. Now it is supposed to have rained for forty days and forty nights and if Noah had two of every animal and bird on board that is roughly by todays’ standards 32,000 creatures cooped up in a boat. It must have reeked to high heaven what with all those creature going to the toity. Also according to this Creation Museum there were dinosaurs on board the ark as they and man roamed the earth in friendship as the dinosaurs were vegetarians. O.K. old T-Rex was a family pet. If this is true the only thing Rex was thinking about was lunch with mankind at the main course.
A lot of what is on these pages I have said before but as the title implies the subjects just keep popping up and I find myself unable to bite my tongue so I go after them again.