It has been quite some time since I have written anything about 4100 and I’m sorry to say we live in a building that has thieves within it’s walls.
For at least 5 years (since I moved in) the tenants have asked the Landlord to install security cameras and the answer is that “it is not in the budget”, yet other buildings owned by Halton Community Housing have cameras. It seems that 4100 is regulated to the hind teat. “Not in the budget” was the standard reply to any request from the tenants, that has now changed to “It’s on the list” by my reckoning that list reaches to the moon or further.
To get back to the main point of this Blog, theft. People will find to hard to believe that a Senior Citizen Building has “Sticky Fingered” individuals as residents or should I say denizens. Since I have resided here (5 years) I have heard of some pretty weird happenings when it comes to stealing. Guess the most common theft is newspapers which are deliver to your apartment and dropped outside the door. One tenant was having their paper stolen every morning. He finally caught the person and what makes it weird is the person stealing the paper can’t speak English. Clothes have been stolen out of the dryers in the laundry room and from the storage rooms. We do not have individual lockers just shelves with the apartment number on them. One tenant had a marble table stolen. A few tenants have had suitcases taken. The first floor apartments have patios instead of balconies and all sorts of things go missing. Items are even stolen from the lobby, for instance a small stainless steel watering can that held flowers. Candles are also stolen but perhaps the weirdest theft was the wick out of a candle. Yep, someone actually pulled the wick, which was 6 inches long, out of a candle and absconded with it. Christmas decorations are stolen also the pillows off the couches and chairs in the lobby. There was one unknown individual who stole the toilet paper out of the washrooms in the lobby. It got so bad that the maintenance man installed lockable dispensers.
There was another incident a few days ago. A lady tenant passed away and one of her daughters was here to clean out her apartment. The deceased tenant had a small planter on her patio in the shape of a rabbit. You guessed it. It was stolen while the daughter was inside cleaning. Talk about a low life. There is an undercurrent of racism in the building directed mainly at the many Chinese tenants who it seems are blamed for anything and everything. Most of the Chinese seniors do not speak English so they are the perfect scapegoats for all the problems with things disappearing. It really upsets some tenants that (1) there are Chinese in the building and (2) that they can’t or won’t speak English.
Overall 4100 isn’t a bad place to live. It beats being on the street or in a nursing home. We live independently and the building is pretty well looked after and the rents are geared to income. There are a few issues with Halton Housing but nothing Earth shattering. The way I look at it is this is the last way station in the journey.




THE BIG LIE. 2016/06/16
Joseph Goebbels “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.
Joseph Goebbels

In the Orwell novel “1984” the Propaganda Ministry is called “The Ministry of Truth”. Here in the offices of the towering oppressive structure hundreds of individuals work at re-writing history to make it compatible with the governments (BIG BROTHER) position of the day. The world is divided into three super powers, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia and exist in a perpetual state of war. Racism, Bigotry, and Hate are the norm and everyone is under constant 24hour surveillance. Come under suspicion and you are picked up by the “Thought Police” taken to the bowels of the Min. of Truth, tortured and re-educated. If you are truly reformed, you are free if not then death is your reward. Is this the future and Orwell was prophesizing? Or is it just a story, a frightening one at that.
Here in the 2nd decade of the 21st century we have 24hr news channels on the television along with the morning news, the news at noon, the evening news, and of course the late night news on the regular channels. Hell of a lot of news. In the Democracies of the world censorship is supposedly forbidden but in reality it does exist. Any news concerning government or military activity on the international and sometimes national stage is censored under the guise of “National Security”. This is understandable as neither the government nor the military want their secrets broadcast. The trouble with the phrase “National Security” is it becomes a “catchall” for anything and everything the government doesn’t want its’ citizens to know. The news media is also an outlet for propaganda that the government (s) want disseminated. In a dictatorship the news media is the prime source for indoctrinating its’ citizenry with the “Big Lie” usually with stories of how the rest of the world is against them.
The Republican presumptive nominee for President in the U.S.A. is a master at lying and the spreading of false and egregious information. Through his lies, racism, and bigotry he has convinced hundreds of thousand if not millions of his fellow brethren that the members of one of the worlds’ largest religions is evil and out to destroy the U.S. He has also managed to alienate Latinos and people of colour with his racists accusations and comments. He has talked of building walls and banning immigrants also saying that neighbours should spy on neighbours and report suspect activity. This is the road to the Jackbooted Thought Police patrolling streets picking up those they deem to have evil thoughts against the state. In this era of instant communication through the internet and social media information true or false is easily transmitted and once out there will remain forever. As long as this nominee can keep the lie going it will eventually be taken as truth. As Edmond Burke said “The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil, is for good men to do nothing”.





We have all heard the phrase “A marriage made in Heaven”, well yesterday a marriage was made in Hell with the endorsement of Donald Trump by the NRA. The gun nuts are now in bed with Americas’ greatest Buffoon and it is, as always the innocent who will pay the price.
Trump has accused his Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton of wanting to abolish the 2nd Amendment and if this is the case then rightly so. This amendment should have died in the 19th century as it is obsolete. I don’t think the US needs a well armed citizen militia to repel invaders. It can be stated for a fact that the British aren’t coming back. Trump the consummate liar has fallen for one of the biggest, lies put out by NRA in American History and that is the absolute right to bear arms. The amendment was intended as a means to protect the country but has been high jacked by the NRA and the Gun Lobby and perverted.
I have been in the military so I know a little about guns and one thing I can say with certainty is that guns have one purpose and one purpose only, to kill. There are those that say a gun is just a tool and it is, but it is a tool with only one purpose. An axe or a knife are also tools and yes they can be used to kill but they have other purposes to chop wood, cut meat, and to create works of carved art. Having witnessed in war the damage that guns have wrought on the human body they have absolutely no place in civilian society. Unfortunately, a great many do not believe that and the death toll from shootings climb each year. So far this year, 2016, 5,013 people have died by guns in the U.S. that’s more than the 2,996 killed on 9/11.
Now Trump has prostituted himself with the NRA and if by some unconceivable twist of fate, he is elected then those same fates should take pity on the rest of the world. This egotistical, narcissistic liar will be the head of the most powerful military on the planet with his finger within easy reach of the button that can end everything as we know it and bring about another Dark Age, one that we might never recover from. Euripides might just be right when he said “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make made mad”.




Usa: The Rise of the Dark Side. 2016/02/27

It has been five months since we last visited the Magical Kingdom of Usa. Things have changed dramatically in the Kingdom and as the primaries run down to the day of the Republican Convention in July, a dark mist is rising heralding the rebirth of the Dark Forces that have always lurked just below the surface of the Usa political system. “Something wicked this way comes” and it masquerades as an orange haired, narcissistic, bombastic, multi-billionaire demagogue. This Mussolini-esque clown caters to the lowest denominator of the voting public of Usa. He appeals to the low income low educated dis-satisfied angry section of the populace. He struts, poses, and pouts like Il Duce of 20th century infamy. He is not above stooping to outright lies in his bid to win over adoring followers. Maybe, like Mussolini before him he has visions of Empire with himself as Caesar.
He smacks of a modern day Pied Piper playing his flute casting its’ spell over the masses as they dance to his favourite melody “Let’s make Usa great again”. He vilely and derogatorily attacks any and all who would question or criticize him. He is not above having his security forcefully, if necessary, remove dissenters or protesters from his gatherings. He vilifies those of different races, nationalities, and religions calling some rapists, murderers, or drug dealers. He rales against immigrants yet his first wife and his present wife are immigrants. He claims to be a God Fearing Man yet condemns those who worship the same God, different name, because of the murderous actions of a minority of radicals. As of now he is the Frontrunner for the Republican nomination for Chief Wizard and if by some quirk of the Fates he assumes the Mantel then the rest of the world should shudder and pray to whatever deity they believe in for dark times are coming.
The populace of Usa is going through frustrating times in that a great many of them are fed up with the smooth talking, slick politicians. These are the ones that promise anything and give nothing as they are corrupted by the system and they will not overturn the applecart. Churchill had a number of quotes on Democracy two of which I have copies here: Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others” and “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”. This latter quote, in my opinion describes the segment of the populace of Usa that “Orange Haired” one caters to. So in five months the world will know who the Republican Candidate is and three months after in November they will hold their election and the rest of the world will hold their breath praying any and all gods it is not the “Orange Haired” one who wins.

(Something Wicked this way comes is the title of a dark fantasy by Ray Bradbury).



(ERIS Goddess of Discord))

ALLAH THE BLOODY. 2015/11/19
There is a new God in the Pantheon and his name is Allah the Bloody. In some sects of Islam he now replaces Allah the Merciful for it is easier to hate than to love.
It has been six days since the attack by ISIL on Paris and France is at war. On 13 November 2015 at 21:20 (9:20 pm) local time six well-co-ordinated attacks were launched against different targets in the city. These sites included a Soccer Stadium, a Concert Hall, and a number of restaurants killing 136 of which 129 were civilians and 7 were extremists. Eighty-nine were killed at the Bataclan Theatre during a rock concert. These barbarous acts also included 352 wounded. All in the name of Allah the Bloody.
The birth of Isil can be trace quite readily back to the American invasion of Iraq and the ouster and execution of Saddam Hussein. George W. Bush ordered the invasion on the pretense that Hussein had stockpiled Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that Iraq had been involved in the 9/11 attacks against America, both of which proved false. So thanks to this monumental blunder on the part of the U.S. under G.W. Bush we have the rise of ISIL starting in 2013 when the Islamic State in Iraq moved into Syria and renamed itself the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. It is also sometimes referred to as ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Irregardless of the name ISIL, ISIS, AL QUEDA, OR BOKO HARAM, it all boils down to the same Barbarism in the name of god. In claiming responsibility for the latest Paris attack ISIL stated that Paris was a city of Crusaders and Whores. These people have a long memory as the first Crusade was about 920 years ago and as for Whores, hell name a major city that doesn’t have ladies of the evening including Muslim ones. Granted the French along with about 65 other countries, including Canada, are involved in the war against this Fundamentalist Plague so the attacks were really about that.
The western democracy are caught in a conundrum in that they will never really defeat these Jihadists. They may kill a lot of the followers but when and if these groups become too weak to really cause harm they will merely disappear back into the populous and bide their time. As sure as night follows day sometime, somewhere in the future their hibernation will end and like the bear they will awake ravenous and seek to sate their hunger in blood of innocents. Avast majority of the world’s population believe in a God, the Supreme Creator and I for one will not make light of their beliefs suffice it to say that even as an unbeliever these so called Muslims debase their God. Perhaps one day, hopefully not in the too far future, Logic and intelligence will win out over superstition and ignorance.





Originally I was going to write an article bashing the U.S. and its’ gun violence but then I realized it was a waste of effort. There will be enough wrote and said within the U.S, Media that I doubt what I write here will register outside of those who read my writings.
This is the 2nd day after the mass school shooting in Oregon and before the smell of powder has cleared American politicians were falling over one another expressing their condolences and their prayers. This is so hypocritical but it has become the normal predictable response of the American Congress and Senate. The politicians spout their platitudes and agree that something has to be done but afraid of the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) so much that they will not go against them for fear that they lose their seat in government. Speaking of the N.R.A. they seem unusually quiet after this shooting, not like the other times when they were almost obscenely quick to point the blame away from themselves.
Last week the media showed the Pope addressing a joint session of the Congress and Senate and pointed out that the Vice President and the Speaker of the House were devout Catholics. The Speaker even tearing up at what the Pope said. If these two plus quite a few other Senators and Congress men and women are such devout Catholics then why is it nothing done to stop these mass murders? Ironic isn’t it that they shout their belief in their God yet through omission aide these insane murders easy access to weapons so they can break the 7th Commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill”.
Not one U.S. Senator or Congressman/woman has the political courage to stand and scream ENOUGH. Mention gun control and the N.R.A. goes on high alert and uses all its clout to intimidate any and all who would speak against the 2nd Amendment. Which by the way through a campaign of falsehoods has completely corrupted the meaning and intent of that amendment. The N.R.A. has 5 million members yet it is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the U.S. If an individual who is either running or rerunning for congress mentions Gun Control he’s toast. Bothe House of the American Government seem to live in fear of this organization. The majority of money that backs the N.R.A. comes not from its members but from the gun and ammunition manufacturers. The spokesman for the N.R.A., Wayne Lapierre is quick to lay the blame on gun control, and spinning these incidents as a Mental Health Issue while lobbying against background checks to weed the unstable out. So far the guy has got his cake and ate it to.
In a few weeks the Oregon shooting will be off the news and things will go back to usual, that is until the next mass shooting occurs. Methinks ( fates forbid) if a mass shooting happened at the N.R.A. Headquarters they would definitely sing a different tune.



Maple Leaf 1


LXXIII. 2015/09/30

This day, 30 September, is just like any other day with the one very small exception. It is my 73rd Birthday. Wow! 73 years of life for one who never really expected to live much past 60. Hey I ain’t complainin’. Kinda like being around. Been a pretty darn good life so far. Been places and done things that a lot of people haven’t. Had its’ ups and downs. Biggest ups were the birth of my two daughters and the biggest down was the end of my marriage. No body’s fault. Just happened.
Some say I’m in my second childhood and some, like my oldest, will say I’ve never left my first. I guess that is because I still tend to do some crazy things. I always wanted a motorcycle and never got one. So a few years ago I was introduced to E-Scooters and I am now on my 4th one. The last three looked a little like Vespas or Lambrettas with the exception that they are electric and don’t go much faster than 45 KPH. They are, however a blast. I don’t own a car and in fact don’t have a drivers’ license anymore as I couldn’t see paying over $90.00 for something I wouldn’t be using. Although sometime I think I might have goofed on that. Oh well, what’s done is done. Anyway back to the subject at hand.
Turning 73 now makes me the oldest male in the family. (Does that make me the Patriarch?) The oldest member is my Aunt Kathy at 93 and she is definitely the Matriarch. Hope I’m still around at that age. Just had a thought pop into my head that another milestone in my life is coming up. On October 7th it will be my 68th anniversary of coming to Canada. My Step-father brought us here and we landed at Pier 21, Halifax, October 7 1947. Guess you could say that was my first adventure and one of my biggest.
In my 73 years I have had a variety of Jobs, Journeyman Electrician, Truck Driver, Bus and Streetcar Driver, Soldier, Construction Foreman, Apartment Superintendent, and a few other things. The best job I ever had and still do is being a Father, and Grandfather. Actually that is not a job, it is a Joy and Privilege. Like all fathers I am biased but no one could ask for two of the greatest Daughters any Father could have.
So here it is 30 September again and another year has passed. I have been retired now for just over two years and life is good. I still dream of owning a motorcycle (CAN-AM SPYDER) and going to BORA BORA. Dreams I know but HEY who knows.




FATHERS’ DAY ???? 2015/06/21

I grew up with a step-father as my biological Father died in World War II. I don’t remember ever celebrating Fathers’ Day when I was a child or for that matter it wasn’t until I became a Father myself that it was celebrated. Mothers’ Day was different as we always celebrated that. One reason I guess Fathers’ Day wasn’t that important was that my step-father was hardly ever around as he worked all over the world and on most jobs my Mom and I couldn’t go with him.
No Fathers’ Day never really been big on my calendar with the exception of the years my girls were growing up. Once they became adults and moved on with their lives it has never really been a great priority. This is not their fault it is just that I’m not that big on celebrating the Day. Hell if you’re a Father you’re a Father 24/365 not just one day out of a year. I think I have been a pretty good Father. I know that there are a hell of a lot worse than me and a lot better than me. I don’t interfere in the lives of my daughters as they are grown women and a bit more world wise than me. That’s because they have careers and I have had a trade. You know white vs blue collar. This doesn’t mean I’m not here for them. They both know that I will do anything for them and even now that they have men in their lives I will protect them and even though this is melodramatic I would die for them. I have only really had one outstanding accomplishment in my life and that was siring both of them and helping them grow to the wonderful young women they are. I made mistakes along the way but I guess that was because children don’t come with an owner’s manual it is all OJT and trial and error. If I do say so myself I think I did fairly well as they turned out fantastic. Of course it wasn’t all me as their Mother had a lot to do with it.

So here it is Father’s Day 2015 and even though it is no big thing with me it is really most gratifying knowing that I am a Father and wouldn’t change that for all the gold in the Universe.





As of the above date there are 10 confirmed candidates and 3 pending for the Republican nomination for President. What an outstanding list of Religious Fundamentalists, Nut Bars, and borderline troglodytes it is. There is also 7 declared and 2 potential Democrats nominated who are of a somewhat better intellect. From now until 18-21 July 2016 we will witness the preliminary battles until the Primus occurs, commonly call the Republican or Democratic National Convention. By the time the conventions roll around the contestants will have been whittled down, usually, to two or three. These finalists will vie for the votes of the delegates present and the winner will be the nominee for President. This exact same process is also repeated in the Democrats’ camp with their convention set for 25-28 July 2016 in Philadelphia. {AVE IMPERATOR, MORITURI TE SALUTANT. (Those who are about to die salute you)}
In reality the process for both parties is bloodless but even so somewhat reminiscent of the Roman Games. The slanders’ innuendos, and in some cases outright lies will flow like the rains told about in the Bible that the Republicans are so fond of thumping. This Republican Party is the party of the wealthy, the Fundamentalists, the Climate change deniers, and of course the War Hawks. Some of its’ elected members, both state and federal, blame the recent weather disasters in parts of their country on the “Wrath of God” because of abortions and gay marriage and of course there is the “War against Christianity” that the liberal segment of their population is waging. Now being the outstanding upright Heathen that I am you would think I would be for that war. Well I’m not. If you are going to wage war like that it should be against all religions not just one. As Marx put it “Religion is the opiate of the masses”.
The fact that Canada and the U.S. are joined at the hip means that our airways get flooded with their political commercials because as much as I hate to admit it their TV programming is a bit better than ours. So I guess the price we pay is listening to the different candidates ripping each other apart. Not only do we get the Yankee political messages we are having an election this fall so we are also getting a fair share of our political candidates firing broadsides at each other. The good thing is ours don’t go on for a year plus. Perhaps the best thing in our electoral system is we do not vote direct for the Prime Minister, we vote for the party and the party with the most seats gets to have a go at running the country.

Politics like the common cold has been around since we first walked upright. Just one of those things we are cursed with like death and taxes. Alas without politics there is no order just anarchy, which every now and then doesn’t sound that bad. Fortunately I will only have to go through a maximum of 5 more elections. After that I won’t give a damn as I’ll be dead and having a blast flying amougst the Stars.





Lately I have been having difficulty in coming up with a good topic to sink my teeth into and write about. An idea pops into my head and I start to put it to paper but what ends up on the page isn’t what was in my head. In other words somewhere between my brain and the keyboard my thoughts turn to garbage. Sometimes when I pause and reread what I have typed I think “Damn I could write better than that when I was 10 years old”. It is as if my intellect has decide to take a vacation and is playing jokes on me.
What I am about to write might upset some who read my Blogs and believe me when I say I am not denigrating them or anyone else. Every now and then I need intellectual stimulation. Don’t get me wrong I love talking and joking with my friends, it is just that every once in awhile I like to have my brain stirred up with a good conversation about History or Politics or Religion (me being a Heathen and all). Like last night, Sunday, on the Game of Thrones one of the Kings contending for the Iron Throne sacrifices his daughter to please the God of Light (Fire) it reminded me of the Iliad when Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter to get fair winds to send the fleet from Greece to Troy. If I said that to any of my friends they would have no idea what I was talking about and rightly so. They are not History nuts like me. The vast majority of folks living here in this senior’s apartment building are good salt of the earth hard working people who have retired here where the rent is affordable. Not everyone, me included, has a gold plated pension.
Some will say that I am being an intellectual snob again, if so sorry, but there is nothing I can do about how you feel. I’m intelligent, I know that, but I am not nor do I or would I claim genius status. I like my intellect challenged and of late that is not happening and I don’t know why. Over the past few months I have even lost my love of reading. I don’t know if it is because of my age or if it’s my circumstances as my health seems to be taking a bit of a hammering of late. Between my heart and my lungs there are days that I figure I’m not long for this mortal realm. I have joked about it in the past but there has been a couple of mornings lately that I have awakened and though why the hell am I still here. There are other things going on such as I’m remembering or dreaming of small mundane things that happened 60 years or more ago. That along with talking in my sleep is really starting to spook me. I am beginning to think that these memories and dreams are my brains’ way of staying active to slow down or stop any onset of atrophy. Use it or lose it.

It occurred to me a short while ago that all I have to do is keep my brain somewhat active until the end of this year. 2016 is Election year in Yankee Land and if ever there was a source of ammunition for writing it is the Greatest Comedy/Farce on earth. The CIRCUS MAXIMUS.