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RAMBLINGS 2018 (7)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (7)

I GOT THE YUKS. 2018/03/08
I am depressed. I am grumpy, lethargic, and tired. That about covers my feelings of late. Yesterday I did something I rarely ever do I took an afternoon nap. Slept about an hour and a half and as usual woke up feeling worse than when I laid down. Never could nap. Woke up this morning sucking air in through my mouth. I have sleep apnea and have to wear a breathing mask that covers my nose when I sleep. This morning the power went off and the mask stopped working. Shook the bejesus out of me. Mouth was dryer then the Sahara. I guess at my age all the so called sins of my past life are catching up on me. Anyway what some call sins I call indiscretions or follies of youth.

Some people know I own an Electric Scooter. I love it as it gives me mobility but of late I am having some problems with my balance so it looks like I’m going to have to sell my baby. I think my daughters will be happy as they are convinced I’m going to end up splattered all over the road. I’ve owned 4 Electric Scooters each one bigger and faster than the previous one. So after eight years it looks like my riding days are drawing to an end. Oh well it couldn’t last forever as I figured my sense of balance would change as I got older.

Woke up at 4:00am with a hell of a cramp in my left calf. The only way I could relax it was to stand up and force my left heel to the floor. It worked but it took about a half hour to get back to sleep. Went to the Mall yesterday and came home with a new upgraded “Smart Phone” which I really like. Got the Internet on it so I’ll have to try that out.

Yesterday the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario held a vote to select a new leader. They managed to screw that up. The count was contested because of something called “The Riding Vote” this means you can have the most votes but if you don’t carry enough ridings you lose. Since when did we become Americans? This smacks of their “Electoral College” which is the dumbest idea ever thought up. Lte last night Doug Ford was declared the winner but the runner up is not conceding defeat. Only Conservatives could screw a simple thing like counting votes. The Fates will be busy keeping a dingbat like Doug Ford (Brother of Rob Ford the notorious Mayor of Toronto) from messing up the Province worse than it is. I’m a Liberal but, of late the Liberals under Katherine Wynn are buggering up just about everything they touch. This started with Dalton McGuinty the Liberal Premier before Wynn. Now with Conservative having a new leader, TRUMP NORTH, may the Fates protect us.
Monday morning, the start of a new work week and I wonder what’s in store for the world in the next Five days. Lately it feels that the world won’t survive another week of Trump, Putin, and Kim. They are like three schoolyard bullies threatening each other with Nuclear Toys. My rockets are bigger than yours. Yeah but I got more of them. I got you both beat mine are stealth and you can’t shoot them down. Someone should take them out to the wood shed and use the razor strop on all three.

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RAMBLINGS 2018 (5)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (5)


Well here we are again off on another Ramble. Of late my mind seems to jump around like a “Mexican Jumping Bean”. Either my thoughts are becoming totally disorganized or it is a round about way for my mind to sort things into proper order. Which ever it is I hope my mind gets its’ act together damn soon.
It has been nine days since the Florida school shooting and it looks like there is a possibility something may be done to end these senseless acts. The Florida Legislature is voting to increase the age for purchasing AR 15s from 18 to 21 and to ban Bump Stocks and Trump is going to push for stronger background checks. There will never be a gun free America but enforcing stricter gun laws will hopefully curtain random mass shootings.
Meanwhile up here in the “Great White North”, hold on. It might be white in other parts of the country but right now in southwest Ontario it is closer to spring conditions. This is February and it is supposed to be cold not warm and raining. The next person who says Climate Change is a hoax I’m going to throttle him or her. The weather we have been experiencing over the last 2 to 4 weeks isn’t normal for this time of year. Well they say “if March comes in like a Lamb, it goes out like a Lion”. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tomorrow (it is roughly 4:00 a.m. on the 25th in Korea, 14 hours ahead of Toronto) is the last day of the Winter Olympics and Canada has done very well in the Medal Standing with 29 standing 2nd behind Norway with 38. This is better than the Vancouver Games in 2010 when Canada won 26 medals. Our Women’s Hockey Team lost to the U.S. winning Silver. Our Men’s Team was beat by Germany causing them to Play the Czechs for Bronze. Canadas’ biggest rival is the U.S.A. and this time it is the American’s time to shine in Hockey. Hey it’s only 4 years until the next Winter Games.
Watch a good movie last night “Hidden Figures” it is about a group (3 in particular) of Afro-American who were human computers for NASA in the early 60s. The 3 that the movie focuses on are a computer wiz, an engineer, and a mathematician and how they overcame the discrimination and segregation that was their constant companion even though they were just as intelligent, and in some cases more, than their male counterparts. Their work put Shepard, Grissom, and Glenn in space. The went onto work on the Apollo Program and the Shuttle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. All three lead female actresses were outstanding.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are over and Canada did very well in 3rd place with 29 medals behind Norway with 39 and Germany with 31, The next Winter Games will be in China in 2022. One parting comment on the Olympics in general and that is the cost of them is getting absurd in the hundreds of millions of dollars. I have always maintained that there should be one international site for the summer games and another for the winter games. Seeing as the Olympics started in Greece perhaps they should be returned there permanently and an Alpine country should be picked for the Winter Games. All competing countries should share the expense of building and maintaining the venues. Of course the argument against this is that the hosting countries would get all the profits generated by tourism. Perhaps some way could be found that the profits go to the Olympics to help in maintaining the sites. Well just a thought. Don’t think it will ever happen. So adieu from this Rambling through the writers’ mind.
Be back sometime.

My Opinion, POLITICS


For a country that claims to be the “Greatest Nation on Earth” they have one “Hell of a” big problem. It seems that mass shootings are becoming the “National Past Time’. Lately there has been a spate of these senseless killings.
The American Motto is “In God We Trust” perhaps that should be “In Colt We Trust”, after all it is said that Colt “Made all men equal”. This obsessive addiction to fire arms is bordering on religious fanaticism spurred on by the “Pope of Pistols” Wayne Lapierre preaching from the pulpit of the High Temple of the ‘NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, (N.R.A.) financed by the American Gun Manufacturers. They should have their own 10 Commandments to indoctrinate their followers.
1. You shall carry a gun at all times.
2. you shall buy as many guns as you can.
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord Colt.
4. Remember to pay your N.R.A. dues.
5. Honour Colt and Remington.
6. You shall kill when threatened.
7. You shall not buy foreign fire arms.
8. You shall keep a large supply of ammunition.
9. You shall attack any who try to take your guns away.
10.You shall keep your fire arms in good condition. You may be called upon to use them at a moments notice.
The days of children being safe at school are over. In fact, in America, you are not safe anywhere be it a concert, at the movies, or at religious services, or walking down the street. Mass shootings are the new scourge.
The corruption of the American political system is mind boggling when an association like the N.R.A., with a membership of around five million can hold the rest of the country in the palm of its’ hand and dictate policy. It has been actively lobby the U.S. Government since 1975. The N.R.A. has tweaked and spun the 2nd Amendment to suit its’ own purpose which are somewhat different than the original intent. Perhaps they still fear that the “Red Coats” will return after 242 years.
Last Wednesday 14 February (St. Valentines Day) at around 2:30 in the afternoon the shooting started and within 10 minutes 17 people were dead and 14 others wounded. The body count included 3 Teacher who tried to protect their students, and 14 teenagers. The shooter himself a teenage (19) with what reports are saying had serious mental health problems. If these reports are true how in the hell was he able to legally purchase an AR 15 assault rifle and ammunition? Why are American gun manufacturers allowed to make civilian version of military weapons? It boils down to a corrupt political system and politicians to weak or cowardly to stand up against the Weapons makers and say no. What logical reason is there for civilians to own these murderous weapons? The usual reason given is for protection. Isn’t that what the Police are for. Of course in the U.S. your just as likely to get gunned down by them as by a criminal. I hope I am wrong in saying this but it’s not likely, I month from now when the Florida shooting is no longer news it will slowly fade from the national conscience and nothing will change. In America thses shootings will go on and on and nothing will change.

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On Friday February 2nd the “Orange Haired Troglodyte” released the secret F.B.I. Memo in an attempt to divert the ongoing investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 Federal Election. It has been labeled inaccurate as the information contained therein has been cherry picked (deliberately picked and edited) from the original version. As a layman I have read this Memo and it does point to a bias against Trump, but as sources within the U.S. Intelligence Service, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Intelligence Oversight Committee amongst others have stated that this version of the Memo is not the complete version and much as been edited out and those portions that show a bias against Trump have been retained. It has definitely been presented to throw dispersion on the F.B.I and the D.O.J.
Watching the American News last night, I could hardly believe that Trump in a speech to a rally in Ohio called the Democrats’ reaction to the “State of the Union” address un-American and treasonous. This farcical infantile Demagogue has the impudence to name call and label the opposition Traitors because they did not clap is beyond the pale. For the so called greatest Democracy in the world they have a President that acts more like a would be tin pot dictator of some 3rd world country. Today it has been reported that Trump wants a big military parade like those held in Paris, Moscow, and Pyongyang. He is like a spoiled little boy who sees something and he wants it (Gimme, Gimme) irregardless of the expense or inconvenience. An American Congresswoman has come up with a rather descriptive nickname for Trump “Cadet Bone Spurs” this of course is in reference the using a case of Bone Spurs to avoid the draft back in the Viet Nam War era. It was one of five deferments he received from military service. Now he is Commander in chief of the U.S. Armed forces and but for the absence of a uniform he can strut and poise like the late Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini, instead of “Il Duce as a title it could be “Il Bone Spurs”. Better yet “Il B.S.”.
Trump is making a mockery of the Presidency and as a result American is becoming a laughing stock. Its’ prestige in the world is slipping and will continue to do so as long Trump is in office, but then the American people put him there so they got what they deserved.

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*(Twit as in idiot)
Donald Trump and his Smart Phone are inseparable. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me that when he goes into the privy he tweets whilst having a bowel movement. Trump personally stands behind every word his little hands tap out on his phones’ keyboard be they truth or extortions of the truth. I do believe that he is totally responsible for the “Fake News” that he so often and vehemently blames on the media. In Nazi Germany Hitler and his cronies used the term “Lugenpresse” (Lying Press) Trump uses “Fake News”. Different time, different language same expression.
In his latest round of tweets, he is blaming the Democrats for the Government shutdown. Now I am the first to admit that the U.S. system of Government baffles me but this shutting down of the Government not only baffles it is totally incomprehensible. Only the Americans could come up with a system that seems so totally illogical and bizarre. All non-essential government workers are furloughed and some Branches of the Government are still working but are not getting paid. Mind boggling.
Trump is the Son of Chaos. He thrives in a chaotic atmosphere and in this way he deflects responsibility and blame. The social media such as Twitter was made for him as it is an almost perfect platform for his bullying and threatening. It also gives his bigotry and racism an wider forum for dissemination.
The U.S. Senate finally passed a bill giving the government enough money to operate until February 8th. Trumps little fingers have been very busy blaming the Democrats for everything with the exception of the “Black Death” and that’s only because there hasn’t been a serious outbreak lately but if he could he would. From the reading I have done I do not believe that Donald J. Trump has ever taken the blame for anything. One thing for sure he is lightening fast to accept credit for any good event real or imagined.
He is the greatest Candidate ever, his inaugural had more attendees than any other President, he and only he can fix any problem, and let us not forget he is the greatest deal maker ever. His hubris knows no bounds nor does his narcissism. In reality History will put him down as the worst President ever. He is, as I finish this up at an Economic meeting in Davos Switzerland and even there he cannot resist calling the media purveyors of “FAKE NEWS” to which the response was a resounding round of Boos. When George W. was President everyone thought he would be listed as the worst President. He has been surpassed, much to a lot of peoples’ chagrin, by Trump. Here hoping that the world will survive the remaining three years of his Presidency. That is, if they hide the nuke button where he can’t get at it.

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It has been awhile since I wrote anything on 4100 and to be honest I really don’t know where to pick up from. At one point I entitled this “WAREHOUSE 4100” but some of my readers took umbrage at that term saying it was an insult. With that criticism I change the title to “4100” and shortly after stopped writing about my domicile. Well I’m back.

Since I last wrote we have had some folks move out to live with family and some to homes where they provide long term care. Of course a few have moved on to the great unknown. Thankfully not many. A few have moved in so everything balances out. We have had a new Property Manager, now we don’t have one at all. We do have a new Superintendent, young fell in his forties. In terms of maintenance some areas of the building are in rough shape. Paint blistering on the walls due to water leaks. In some instances, both the paint and the drywall have fallen off. One tenant got so fed up looking at a damaged wall in the lobby she went out and purchased the necessary supplies and fixed it herself. The only thing the Housing Corp. did was give her the paint. She did a damn good job. One sour note was that when the head of the Housing Corp. maintenance came and looked at the repaired wall he said “What do you need us for”. Typical bureaucrat.
A few of us still make our daily pilgrimage to the lobby to sit and talk and crack jokes at each others expense. We do this to alleviate the boredom of staring at the four walls of our apartments. Of course boredom grows as winter is upon us and at the end of December and the start of January it was bitter cold. In fact, some parts of the country were colder than both the North and South Poles and also the planet Mars. That’s a might chilly. Both Toronto and Hamilton harbours froze over which hasn’t happened in years. It was somewhat reminiscent of when I was a kid in the late 40s and early 50s.
The weekly food bank that is held every Friday in the building has improved a smidgen since I last wrote but then anything would be an improvement. There is some sort of virus working its’ way through the building and even though my neighbour J and myself had the flu shot we both contracted it at the same time and it took both of us eleven days to get over it. It was reported on the news that this years’ flu vaccine is only ten percent effective and I can vouch for that statement.
It is Robbie Burns day on the twentieth and a few of the ladies are going to a Robbie Burns Day dinner and dance. Speaking of Burns, he might have been a great Scottish Poet but he was a despicable specimen of a man. I won’t go into great detail but suffice it to say he was a drunkard and a fornicator. He was the definition of a Rake.
It is a new year and we shall see how things change and improve around here. According to what has been said by Housing staff members there is supposedly big changes coming. I personally will believe that when I see it.