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This day I had a run in with a bigot who happens to reside in this building. This individual is the epitome of a blue collared racist. I have listen to this person spout bigoted rhetoric for over a year and to-day I finally blew and called him what he is to his face. In fact we almost came to blows over his garbage spouting mouth.
I am immigrant and have lived in Canada more years than this individual has lived. I was brought to this country from Scotland at the age of five by my step-father who was a Canadian. I have been fortunate over the years to travel to a few different parts of the world and meet other people in other cultures and I personally could care less as to what race, colour, ethnicity, or religion anyone is. I try desperately to treat people as I would like to be treated. Unfortunately that does not always work and at times in anger I have made ethnic slurs. Once I cooled down and got control of myself I would always apologize.
In the case I am writing about I have never heard such egregious claptrap fall from the lips of any being until I ran into this sorry excuse for a Homo Sapien. If what pours from his lips most of the time is not blatant lies it is close as damn it. It is my opinion that this person makes the “Archie Bunkers” of the world look and sound like liberals. A saint I am not and to tell the truth in my preteens I was a racist using all the derogatory labels for the different peoples around us. It wasn’t until I was went to live in Jamaica that I learned to accept that there are different colours and races in the world. It didn’t happen overnight nor did I have a revelation. It just slowly dawned on me that there really was no difference. People are people. Hell when you boil it all down we all originated in the same place, the Rift Valley in eastern Africa.
Today for some reason I had had enough of this troglodyte’s verbiage and I blew. It was as if all the dislike for this person that has been bottled up over the past year or two erupted like the cork from a champagne bottle. I know that I should not have let it get to me but I just could not sit there and listen to the crap that was spewing from his mouth. Three of my friends were sitting with me and thankfully they intervened as I was getting ready to do some physical damage to his face. To be honest I felt like reaching in his mouth and pulling his tongue out by the roots and handing it to him. Thankfully cooler heads in the area prevailed and I walked away from him with the admonishment never to speak to me again.
In my opinion this person is living in the wrong country. He acts and looks like a “Red Necked Southern Boy” methinks he would be right at home with a pickup truck and a shotgun in the rear window.

Grousing, Pee Oed


Just shortly after the New Year I made a promise to myself that I would stop bashing the Yanks. Sorry but I have to break it. I will give them this; I will not bash the good Yanks, only the stupid dumbass Tea Party idiotic gun loving, bible thumping, shit for brains type. IE: Palin, Bachman, Limbaugh, Perry, Cruz, Lapierre, Beck, and the rest of that ilk. Or in other words “REPUBLICANS” mainly because they make it so easy to dislike them.


There are those who will say that it fine for me to criticize as I am an out sider. I am, I live north of the border but I spent six and a half years in the American Army of which I was stationed in Texas for eighteen months. San Antonio to be precise and in that time I never saw so many guns in one place except for the bases’ arms room. Everybody and his brother, or sister had one and they weren’t ashamed to use them.  For a while there I thought I had time warped back to the Alamo and Santa Anna was coming. We had a neighbour who worked night shift and every night when he left for work he loaded his rifle and gave it to his wife and then locked the door telling her she was not to open it until he came home. What a way to live your life, so afraid and paranoid. Another neighbour across the road from us got in an argument with his wife which ended abruptly when he fired both barrels of his 12 gauge into her face. Believe it or not we lived in a nice apartment and neighbourhood up by the Airport. I was never so glad to get out of a place when I received orders, to go to Germany. After my tour in Germany it was discharge and home to Canada. In the past 40 years I have been back to the states four times. Once taking my kids to Disney World and three times to Newport Rhode Island for sailing and the last time I did that was 20 years ago. Nope I stay away from that place.


I sit up here in relative safety reading the new paper and watching ABC News (The only Yankee news I watch) to get the Yanks impression of the world around them.  What I have deduced is that to them there is no world really beyond their borders and that this is the Twenty-First Century and the U.S. is the most powerful nation on Earth and the G ODS help us, half their population is insane.  They worship Aries and his followers Phobos and Deimos only they don’t realize it as they are to wrapped up in their bibles.


The N.R.A.s’ having some kind of a convention in Texas to choose a new President and celebrate the defeat of the most recent attempt to impose gun controls. As you would expect ever gun toting knuckle dragging troglodyte is present.  Some of their ding bat females are also in attendance. By the way calling these females ding bats is not chauvinistic it is a fact. As Einstein stated “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and some of these women and men are downright uneducated to say the least. What really irks me about these types of Yanks is their hypocrisy, they claim to be good Christians and follow the teaching of their saviour. Well if I’m correct this saviour said something about living and dying by the sword (gun) and somewhere else it is written about turning your weapons into ploughshares. Of course the bible thumpers much prefer “an eye for an eye”. Tell me what is the difference them between them and fundamental Muslims, an AR or an AK?



Pee Oed


Again I have had trouble trying to come up with a topic worth writing about and I have pretty much drawn a blank. Well maybe not so much as drawn a blank, more like even though there is much going on in the world I just don’t give a damn right now. Pretty sorry state of affairs isn’t it.

I really don’t care that there is inter-sectarian warfare occurring between Muslims or that there is Civil War in Syria, other than that there are innocent women and children being killed and maimed. Just let them keep it amoungst themselves and leave the non-Muslim world out of it.  Hell, who knows maybe we’ll get lucky and all the Fanatical Fundamentalist Jihadist will wipe each other out. (Yeah! and there really is a Santa Klaus). Our cousins to the south are another bunch I am getting totally fed up with. Their addictive obsession with guns sickens me. As far as I am concerned a copy of the 2nd Amendment should be hung in every outhouse and toilet in the country to be used after a good dump. In fact their whole damn Constitution could stand an in depth editing and  re-write as it is archaic. Hey, Guys, the Redcoats ain’t coming back. Another thing I find mind boggling about the Yanks is that so many of them live in fear of their own elected Government. Talk about paranoia and of course the media like Fox News, Limbaugh, and Coulter and their like sure as hell don’t help. These clowns merely stoke the fires.

Yeah! I really don’t much give a damn right now. Maybe it’s the Winter Blahs or maybe it is just with each passing year I grow more cynical. I use to have such faith and belief in Humanity but it seems of late with each passing year it is being buried deeper and deeper under an avalanche of disheartenment. Perhaps as I grow closer to my four score and ten I am giving up. Then again every now and then there is a glimmer either in my personal life or in reading or hearing of some act of kindness or selflessness on the part of some good Samaritan. Alas it is only a glimmer but who knows enough glimmers can make a light. Ah hell this time next week I will more than likely be back to my old self my faith in Humanity restored and my cynicism cast back into the pit where it belongs. After all this time of year isn’t the best in fact it is depressing and really sucks. Methinks I have a real bad case of Cabin Fever or maybe it has finally happened “I’ve gone whacko. “

Pee Oed


Yesterday was not a good day. It started off not badly but after my morning coffee the curse of M.S.E., (the building I manage) stuck. You might ask what is the curse  to which the answer will be ROTTEN, FRACKEN, PLUMBING. As I stepped out of my apartment at 9:00am to check the building I was greeted by the sound of a loud wet plop coming from the Lobby. Even before I saw it I knew what it was, there lying in a sodden mushy pile surrounded by a puddle were two large (2’x4′) ceiling tiles being further saturated by the rapid drip of water coming from above. At first glance I thought that the toilet or sink in the bathroom directly above had overflowed but upon going to check found that was not the case. No the dreaded curse had struck again. A pin hole in the hot water pipe inside the bathroom wall was the culprit. A hole the diameter of a pin (thus the name pin hole) was happily spraying hot water under 40 psi pressure against the concrete block and flowing like Niagara down through the hole in the floor forming a miniature Lake Ontario in the lobby.

Before I continue with my tale let me explain something about myself to you. I am about 5’7” but I have short arms. To tell you how short, the sleeves on a standard dress shirt are roughly 32″ long and my arms are 29″ from shoulder to wrist. Even my legs are short as most of my height is in my body and if I was properly proportioned I’d be about 5’tall. This shortness of arms has caused me a lot of frustration because of not being able to reach a lot of places and wouldn’t you know the leak in the pipe was about 2″ beyond my reach. I swear in situations like this I can hear the Gremlins laughing their butts off.

To get back to the subject. I now had one of two choice in fixing the problem. I could either break a hole through the bathroom tile wall or call the boss who is a lot taller than me therefore has longer arms. Now under normal circumstances I would break a new hole but here again the curse interferes. The colour of tile used in the bathrooms is no longer available. In fact it hasn’t been available for about 15 years and we used up our remaining stock about 8 years ago. No choice but to call the boss and see if he can reach the leak and temporarily patch it. If he can’t then he can make the decision whether to punch a hole through the tiles.  I called and about 15 minutes. later he was here working on it. Because of the location of the leak it was difficult to tighten the gear clamp to hold the rubber patch in place, but after a few choice cuss words and some perseverance the job was completed.

In the meanwhile the chap who does our annual Fire Alarm inspection had shown up and off I went to get him started and unlock the door to the room that the control panel is in. Great now I can go sit down and have a smoke. Yeah O.K. who was I kidding. The dryers in the laundry room took this inopportune moment to have a vacation. The dryers take $1.75 to run, a Loonie and 3 quarters or 7 quarters. They took the Loonie no problem and they swallowed the quarters greedily but they would not register the quarters so as far as they were concerned not enough money had been fed to them and they went on strike. After about 40 minutes of looking, testing, cursing and probing I finally found the problem, LINT. A small ball of lint was blocking the counting sensor so it was not registering the quarters going by. For two freaking cents if I had a sledge hammer I would have fixed the problem permanently. Lint; a ball of lint in a place where it should not have been and could not have gotten to with assistance from those damn Gremlins. Finally I got to my office, sat down and had my smoke ,which I did not enjoy as I sat there waiting for the next attack by the curse.

Every year the boss lady has a Catholic Priest come and bless the building and personally I think it is a lot of bunk because it hasn’t lifted the curse and I do believe the Gremlins rather relish a yearly shower in Holy Water. It’s either that or they run like hell and hide whenever they see a Roman Collar. Whichever it is I can guarantee the they will be back with a vengeance armed with their little hammers and chisels playing havoc on the plumbing. Before I forget it is also my firm conviction that there is a compact betwixt our plumber and those little green buggers, one drives you nuts with frustration and the other drives you to the poor house with the bills. So far this year he has been here 11 times. The last being 4 days ago which ended up costing about $3,000.00 for 6 hours work plus material. All plumbers are crooks and I know they are giving the Gremlins a percentage of the take.


Pee Oed


Last evening while watching the news there was a segment from a correspondent in Cairo talking to an Egyptian protester. She asked him what he wanted to which he replied something about an apology from the U.S .and for  the west to start showing respect for their religion.  I was taught that respect was earned and that it was a two way street. I earn your respect you earn mine. Pretty simple isn’t it.

I have been thinking about what the Egyptian said and it has been slowly chewing away at me causing some considerable annoyance. Show respect for their religion when Islam shows no respect for other religions. Islam teaches that there are Three People of the Book, Jews, Christians and Muslims yet to Muslims all non-Muslims are Infidels, Un-believers who must be converted or perish. It is the Muslims who want to annihilate Israel and perpetrate another Holocaust.  Every major city in the Western World has Mosques yet there are no Christian Churches allowed in among other places Saudi Arabia. If a Muslim so much as thinks about converting to Christianity it means death. Muslims will say that theirs’ is a religion of Peace yet Mohammed encouraged violence and warfare ordering raids on caravans, capturing Mecca, then spreading Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula by the sword. From Arabia the Muslim Armies went on to conquer a large part of the Mediterranean World and the Middle and Far East. They have no respect for women, whom they treat like chattel, but claim that they are protecting them. Women have no rights, are forced into arranged marriages, and can be accused of adultery at a whim and stoned to death. If a female is seen talking to a male who is not a family member she can be killed for dishonouring the Family. Islam might not condone honour killings but if fosters the culture where it is practiced and does little or nothing to stop it. Islam is a man’s religion geared to keep the male dominant.

Both Christianity and Judaism are not blameless for they both have a history of violence and subjugation. The Old Testament is full of tales of butchery and genocide and once the Romans accepted Christianity as the state religion it also was spread by the sword. In fact Christianity was spread by the sword up to and including the 19th century with the expansion of colonialism. The Crusades came about because of the Muslim invasion of the Christian Byzantine Empire and the capture of Jerusalem. During the 300 years of on and off war each side calling on God to aid them happily slaughtered each other.

Of the three great religions, two, Judaism and Christianity,  have thankfully evolved and changed with the times. Although even to-day there are fringe groups of fundamentalists in both who would turn back the clock. Among the larger Christian denominations there is a far greater tolerance of other religions than amongst Muslims. It is not Christians who riot and run amok because someone insulted Jesus, their faith, or destroyed a bible. They might not like it but they don’t go out burning, looting, and killing those who they think are responsible. Respect must be earned so maybe the Muslims should start doing some soul searching and come to realize that there are differences of thought and start accepting and respecting those differences. All three of them claim to worship the same deity. 

Pee Oed


This is one of those “When I was Young” stories so bear with me. O.K.

When I was young and I went to school. No I didn’t have to walk 20 miles in the snow in bare feet to get there. I walked 2 blocks and I had snow boots. In the town I was raised in I lived on 18th street and the public school was on 20th street. It was named, ready for it, 20th Street Public School, hard to remember a name like that. Anyway I went there from grade 2 to grade 8 and the principal was Mr. Caldwell. I went to, here’s another hard one, grade 1 at 7th Street Public School. I wonder how much they paid the person who thought up those names. Now in those days I was a Catholic, even an altar boy but my parents sent me to the public schools because the Catholic one was too far to walk to. Strange because when I went to 7th Street we lived on 9th street and the Catholic school was on 10th. It had the same name as the church. St. Theresa and the boss priest was Father Carroll. His assistant Father Roberts instructed the altar boys and he was a mean old bugger. If you mispronounced the Latin he’d whack you. I hate Latin. We use to have a rhyme that went, “Latin is a language, as ancient as can be, it killed the ancient Romans, and now it’s killing me”. I remember when serving mass for Father Carroll (he was a bit deaf) during the prayer called the Creed there is a verse that goes “mea culpae, mea culpae, mea a maximun culpae, which means I’m a sinner, I’m a sinner, I’m a maximum sinner, we use to say “Me a cowboy, me a cowboy, me a maximum cowboy and Father Carroll never caught on. Good thing we didn’t do it when serving Father Roberts. There would have been blood on the altar. Any way I’m getting a bit off track here as this is about going to school in the 50s’.

Back in those days (weren’t ready for that, were you) those halcyon days of youth teachers weren’t in the profession for money. They did it because they liked it. Or so we were told. Personally I think it was the only job they could get but there were some good one who were dedicated to improving the minds of the snotty nosed little savages in their charge. Most of my grade school teacher were average. Miss Aprils in grade 2 was the beauty queen, Mr. Walker in grade 5 was also the gym teacher, and slept most of the time in the classroom. He also weight about 250 lbs. Mr. Holden in grade 6, was a sadistic bastard. He was also vice principal. Ms. Porter in grade 7, I swear she was old enough to have taught Cain and Able. Mr. Caldwell, the Principal taught grade eight. He was also the one who administered the strap unless he was absent then Holden did. Mr. Caldwell would give you 6 whacks on the hands , 3 each, with the strap where Holden would give you 8. Don’t get me wrong if you got the strap you really, I mean really, screwed up .Also you didn’t tell your parents because you’d get hammered again. All in all the teacher weren’t that bad and one good thing was they didn’t belong to any damn union. They always put the kids first and foremost. Teachers were looked up to in those days and respected. Now it’s how much money they get paid, how many days off with pay, and small classes. From what I have seen and heard they are not that much smarter than the kids they teach. They are in my opinion the Dumb teaching the Dumber. Most of the kids I see and talk to to-day are semi-literate. They can neither read nor write properly and unless it has an auto-correct they can’t spell. They need a calculator to count above twenty. Counting to 20 they can do if they takes their shoes and socks off. Boys can get to 21 if they drop their pants.

I don’t remember when teachers became unionized but boy was that a mistake. Now when they don’t get their way in a contract they strike holding the students to ransom and to hell with the public which pays their salaries. The biggest joke is when they say “we are doing this for the student” B.S your doing it because your greedy and lazy. Teacher now a day don’t give a damn about students if they did they would do their job and educated them properly. Instead they want their money and benefits and won’t be happy until the lowest paid are getting $200.000.00  for working 8 months of the year.  Perhaps a movement should be started to de-certify them so all the incompetent ones can be fired and the rest are made do their job properly.


Pee Oed


This morning in the newspaper I read an article about parents wanting to pull their kids out of certain classes in school because it conflicts with their religious beliefs. The paper called it “an unusual alliance of conservative Christians and Muslims” sending a stock letter demanding that teachers inform them when subjects such as , sex, homosexuality, birth control, evolution, wizardry, and environmental worship, are being taught so they can pull their children from those classes. What the Hell is going on? If I didn’t know better I swear I was living in the U.S. Bible Belt or some Islamic Republic.

These parents do not want Evolution or wizardry (which I assume is Science)and environmental worship (Environmental Science) taught to their children because it is against their religious beliefs (myths) such as Creationism. They seem to prefer that their offspring be raised in ignorance and superstition, a return to the “Dark Ages”. If this is what they want then why are they living in Canada and not some back water country where their way is the norm. Last week there was an article in the Huffington Post entitled “If you believe in Evolution, you must be Canadian” and according to it a study showed that the majority of us and Brits believe in it. Nothing really surprising there as Evolution is the only logical explanation for our existence.

It seems that there are those who would turn the clock back to the 5th century when the barbarian hordes of Eastern Europe and Asia overwhelmed civilization and plunged us in to a darkness that took 900 years to rise out of with the birth of the Renaissance. What I find perplexing is that during those times Islam was a guiding light in the Arts, Science, Medicine, and mathematics. With the invention of Algebra, and perhaps their greatest contribution in math, the simple zero, they change the world forever. Now all that great creative activity has reverted to fundamentalism and dogma.  Christianity can take its’ full share of the blame as It did more to stifle and withhold human advancement in the western world than all of barbarism combined. Any idea that challenge the authority of the Church was heresy and the stake awaited those who proposed it. Now in the 21st century the Hydra of Superstition and Ignorance is stirring again straining at its’ chains in the depths of Hades, all in the name of Religion and superstition.

Seven hundred years ago the torch was relit and humanity has advance in its’ light and admittedly has stumbled along the way but always recovering and moving forward. There is a perpetual war being waged between those who would extinguish the light and those who would make it burn brighter. Between those who would hide in dogma and darkness and those who would challenge the Universe. Those groups, here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who are challenging the public education system because it does not conform to their religious beliefs have a choice, accept the system or enroll their children in private religious school but they won’t do that as they would have to pay. They will instead continue with their challenges and law suits in the hopes of forcing their beliefs on everyone else. All I can say is good luck “SnowBalls”.

Grousing, Pee Oed


I do not like cell phones they are in my personal opinion the worst communications device invented. They are like bacteria, everybody carries them. I will concede they have some limited good use such as in emergencies or if the land line goes down. Other than that they are a pain in the ass.

People argue that they need them, “I have to stay in touch with my family and friends or my office”,  well what did you do before they were invented. If you had to call in you used a pay phone instead of walking down the street with the damn thing glued to your ear. Which by the way is dangerous as I have watched people literally walk into walls, doors, poles, cars, and other people. A  couple of  incidents were on the news when some young girl walked into a sink hole and another walked off a subway platform. It is a damn good thing that they passed laws prohibiting there use while driving as they were responsible for a great many accidents. Every time I am out and about I see people mainly teenagers walking around with these damn things totally oblivious to the world around them gabbing or texting away without a care in the world. What is so damn important that it can’t wait till you meet your friends. Personally I would rather talk face to face than through some device. The art of communication is slowly withering, not to  mention the English Language. Whatever the language is that they tweet with looks a lot to me like ancient Sumerian. 

Now before I go any further I must admit I have a cell phone. I have had it about 4 months and made one call on it to see if it works and I have 3 emergency number programmed into it. It was sort of a family decision that I get one as I have an electric scooter that I love riding and if it should break down or I fall off it I can call for help. Other than that I don’t even turn it on. Got one of those pay as you use plans for it. Out of the $100.00 card I’ve spent about a buck. Good thing the plan doesn’t expire so that hundred will more than likely last for about 20 years. I got a text message once and as I didn’t know how to answer I erased it.

What I really hate about cell phones is how rude they makes people. You are having a conversation with someone when all of a sudden they say “Let me get this” and you are left standing there like an idiot while they talk to who knows who. What really sets me burning is that you are in a store talking to a sales person when, You guessed it ,”Let me get this”, It’s enough to piss off a pope. Whatever happened to the customer comes first? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear that some surgeon in the middle of opening someone’s  heart stopped and said “Let me get this or I have to take this call”. Which is more than likely about a golf date.  Also the looks you get from sales people if you have the gall to say ,could you stop talking and give me some service, you can see it in their eyes, like who the frak are you interrupting me while I’m on the phone. Stores should have a policy of no phone calls during working hours and all cell phones should be turned off but then I guess that is asking too much. Well my complaining about it will as usual be falling on deaf ears because they are on their cell phones.


Pee Oed


One could come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with Conrad Black, well I’m not. It is just that the mention of his name or the sight of him really annoys me. My first impression of him was that he is an arrogant, pompous, intellectual snob and over the past few years little has happened to change my impression. If this were the 19th century I would also label him Traitor but times change and that no longer can apply so instead I will merely call him a opportunist of the worst variety. He is also an ex-con having been found guilty of various crimes and sent to prison. Now Black might rail against this but the facts are the facts and under American Law he was tried, found guilty and sentenced. Like all convicts he claims to be innocent, so as to his guilt or innocence I will let wiser minds decide that. Personally one way or the other I really don’t care. What I do care about is his attitude towards the laws and rules that govern our society.

This is an individual, born to the manor with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth who believes that he is above the rules that the rest of the populace follows. Because of this attitude he considers himself to be entitled to certain privileges and special treatment that we mere commoners are not worthy of being  granted. He denied his birthright to accept a peerage, which under Canadian Law he was not entitled to. So now he is his Lordship, Conrad Black, Baron of Cross Harbour and a member of the British House of Lords. Amazing what money can buy. To me, a Monarchist this denigrates the Peerage.

He is back in the news again challenging the rules that govern the awarding or revocation of the Order of Canada. The rules state that only written arguments may be submitted to the committee but his Lordship has gone to court to demand that he be allowed to appear before the committee and present verbal arguments along with witnesses. When he renounced his Canadian Citizenship he should have been automatically stripped of his Order and why this wasn’t done is beyond me. The hubris of this person is beyond contemplation. He has even mused to the media about getting his citizenship back and what is annoying about that is under this Conservative Government he just might accomplish his goals. After all he is a graduate of Upper Canada College and a member of the “Old Boys Club” and they are all as thick as thieves. Money Talks. 

Pee Oed


Of all the senseless things to get killed over, an eviction notice. A Texas law enforcement officer who served an eviction notice and a civilian were shot dead near the Texas A&M Campus. The shooter was also killed. What possible excuses can be made for this latest madness. OH! I forgot the 2nd amendment the altar on which thousands  have been sacrificed and will continue to be unless it is struct down. The Yanks have brought this on themselves with having a Constitution that doesn’t evolve with the changing times. Every time I think of the U.S. Constitution I see Fred Flintstone with a slab of rock and  a mallet and chisel diligently chipping away while all around him his neighbours beat each other over the head with clubs.

For a country that claims to be a Christian Nation they sure don’t follow the commandments, Thou Shalt not Kill . That is unless someone pisses you off. So much for the teachings of their so called Lord and Saviour, but then they have a new one now. Instead of Jesus Christ it’s Jessie James, or John Dillinger and along with that they should consider changing the name of the country to ‘THE UNITED STATES OF AMOK”. Just think this is the worlds’ leading power, the touter of Democracy and Freedom, the Great Republic, ad nauseum.What the Hell is the use of condemning them, nothing will change and they will just keep plodding along in their arrogance and ignorance and wonder why they are the most disliked Nation on Earth.