RAMBLINGS 2019 (02)

RAMBLINGS 2019 (02)

It is now February and for the last week, we have either had snow in large quantities or, as for the last two days freezing rain, sleet, or rain, and now more snow for tomorrow. No wonder I have the “BLAHS.” I would get up and go if I could find where I put my go. It has to be buried somewhere here in my apartment but I just do not feel like looking for it right now. Even looking forward, to our monthly lunch tomorrow at the Mandarin is not exciting me in the least. At times, I think I would gladly trade places with a Bear and hibernate for the winter.
Left for the Mandarin Restaurant at 11:00am and arrived at our usual time, just as it opened. There were six of us this time, one of whom works for Mandarin so he gets us a bit of a discount. The food is good but like most Chinese eateries, it caters to North American tastes. One thing that I have found at the Mandarin we go to is they make a great “Boston Clam Chowder” and it is first thing I get. I am a soup lover and I consider that I know good soup when I taste it. At some restaurants, the soup is so watered down that it is more akin to dishwater than soup.
Just got in from walking down to the plaza at the bottom of our street, it is not quite a 10 min. walk. Going down is okay as the wind is behind you but coming home the north wind is hitting you head on and today that wind is bitterly cold. There is no snow today but tomorrow and Sunday, it is calling for flurries. Flurries I can handle heavy snow, no way. I guess the dislike of winter comes with getting older although some of the senior residents of the building seem to enjoy winter. Good for them.
It,s Sunday and as usual around here it is “BORING” and that is not an overstatement. There is nothing on the “Boob Tube” worth watching and it is too cold to go for a walk. I just finished making a big pot of Cabbage Soup for the week and now I sitting here telling all and sundry about it while I listen to Bert Kaempfert playing “Dancing in the Dark” and now Midnight in Moscow” . Ain’t life exciting.
Well I’ll close this session of Rambling and hope something more exciting happens when I sit to ramble on again.


RAMBLINGS 2019 (01)

RAMBLINGS 2019 (01)
Ten years ago (2008) when I was the superintendent of an apartment building in Bronte a gentleman buzzed my apartment enquiring about the vacancy I had. I buzzed him in and went to introduce myself. At first glance something clicked in my mind and I realized that Peter C. Newman was standing in my lobby. For those who do not know of Peter C. Newman he is (was) a journalist Toronto Star, Editor McLean’s Magazine, author, and TV personality here in Canada. I showed him the apartment for rent and we chatted for a while. He interrupted the conversation to run out to his car and when he came back he handed me a signed copy of his book “Sometimes a Great Nation” said good-bye and that was the last I saw of him. I was a bit overwhelmed as this was the first time I ever received a signed book. Now after ten years I am embarrassed to say I finally got around to reading it. It sat on my bookshelf along with over a hundred other books patiently waiting for me to get around to it. It might possibly still be waiting if not for the fact that on 15 December 2018 I moved to a new apartment (same bldg.) and as I was the one to pack my books I came across it. I must apologize (if he ever reads this) to Mr. Newman for not reading this fascinating book sooner.
“Sometimes a Great Nation” is a collection of article and essays publish from 1979 through 1988 they are filled with humour and critiques of the times and the noteworthy people of the day.

On Friday 4 January I managed to knock my computer over and totally destroy the hard drive and had to buy a new one. Eight years of info, music, and pictures gone. I am now in the process of trying to recover some of what is lost. Fortunately some of my info is stored by the server so it was just a matter of remembering the passwords. Other writings and info were stored on the hard drive so it is gone. Good thing I live on the 2nd floor of the building or I might have decided to take a header off the balcony. It’s all flower beds below my place so I would have more than likely survived also it is only 12 feet to the ground.
What I really miss is my music, songs ranging from Classical to Classical Rock and absolutely no Country and Western. Whenever I hear a male C&W singer I think he has his foreskin caught in his zipper and a Female singer has her boobs caught in a clothes ringer.
I watched Trumps’ address to the nation (US) last night and as usual it was 15 min. of lies and misinformation. Trump wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the ass. What normal nation allows one individual to shut down its’ government. I think I answered my own question; the US isn’t normal.



RAMBLINGS 2018 (16)

On Friday the 31st of August I reserved the Common Room for a group of us to have a pot luck dinner on Labour Day from 4:00 to 8:00pm. It was an enjoyable get together but for the intrusion of an uninvited individual who twice tried to barge in. This tenant should not be in our building, which is independent living, but in a place where there is staff to look after her as she has mental problems. From day one, a month ago, she has been a problem with knocking on other tenants’ doors asking for food or coffee. She has argued with bus drivers and even stood in the middle of the road stopping traffic to ask for a ride.
The doors to the Common Room use to lock but for some reason the locks were removed. Now it’s a worry if the room is booked for a private occasion.
I love the Pipes and today for the first time I listened to a song by Isla St. Clair, entitled “When The Pipers Play” well if you’re a true Scotsman like I am it will bring a tear to your eye. The “Flowers of Scotland” and now “When Pipers Play” both tug at my heart strings as they are songs of Scotland’s Freedom which was stolen from us in 1707 with the “Act of Union”.
Two of my friends and I go out to dinner every now and then and last evening we went to “Eastside Mario’s” and we shan’t be going back as it was not very good. “D” had spaghetti and meatballs and said that the meatballs tasted like they had been frozen and then undercooked. “B” and myself had lemon shrimp on spaghettini with a Bolognese sauce which might have been tastier if everything hadn’t been smothered in olive oil.
Just had a phone call from Halton Housing approving my request to transfer down to the first floor. I am hoping that I get a certain apartment which has an extended patio that I can keep my scooter on. Now comes the hard part packing everything up, moving two floors down and unpacking and setting up. If I get 104 there will be no more arguments with a certain tenant over the concrete pad that was allocated as my parking spot and no more contractors blocking me in. Which will be a big relief.
I listened to Obama’s mid-term speech at the U. of Illinois today. It is a shame that the Americans limit the number of terms a person can run for President. If Obama had been allowed a 3rd term the world wouldn’t have to listen to or look at the Orange-hair Troglodyte that occupies the White House now. If one ever needed evidence of American political corruption and malfeasance one need look no further than Trump the whiner.
Here it is Sunday already and the start of another week and what’s in store is your guess as well as mine. I think the 3 of us are going on a site seeing tour around Hamilton Harbour but I don’t know what day. More than likely Wednesday, but who knows as minds are changed all the time.



RAMBLINGS 2018 (15)

Seventy- Six years ago today 19 August 1942 the Dieppe Raid took place. Four thousand nine hundred and sixty-three Canadians took part in the assault on the French Fishing Port of Dieppe. The raid was a disaster from which two thousand eight hundred and fifty-three Canadians returned. Nine hundred and seven were killed, two thousand four hundred and sixty wounded and one thousand nine hundred and forty-six captured. Of the four thousand nine hundred and sixty- three, two thousand eight hundred and fifty- three returned. The raid was botched from the time of its’ conception being cancelled once and then hastily revived. Dieppe is the greatest disaster in Canadian Military History. To-day at the Dieppe Veterans Memorial Park on Beach Road in Hamilton there will be a Remembrance Ceremony. There is only one participant in the raid left and he lives in British Columbia. He won’t be at the ceremony as his health is failing. He is 92 years old. LEST WE FORGET.


I am at present in a dispute with the Landlord over their refusal to let me transfer from the top floor to the 1st floor where the hallways are much cooler. I have a few medical problems and on days where the Humidex is in the plus thirties I have difficulty breathing as I walk to the elevator. I keep the temperature in my apartment at 70 degrees and I find it quite comfortable, mainly though I can breathe. I sent in the request for transfer accompanied by letters from my family doctor and my Lung Specialist, stating my medical problems and they didn’t seem to work. I am now in the process of getting a, letter from my Cardiologist to add to the request and see if that makes a difference. I was informed by the Landlord that they did not allow in-building transfers but in the 5 years I have lived here I know of 5 such transfers being allowed. The letter I received stated that my request was refused and that the decision was FINAL. Don’t say that to me as the only thing that is final is Death. If I am refused again I am quite will to take this all the way to the Regional Chairman and beyond. I’ve been feeling bored of late now I have something to occupy me.
Three of us went out to dinner yesterday. We went to a small restaurant in a strip plaza just off Brant street. This restaurant makes the best Liver & Onions in town, perhaps the province. I don’t know how the cook does it but the liver is cooked to absolute perfection and the service is excellent. Stopped at Tim Hortons to get a donut for desert. Sugar count went through the roof but it is not often that I have donuts or desert for that matter. In all it was a good evening with good friends and a break from Fish and Chips.


Things are kinda hoppin’ in Yankee land. Two of Trumps former cohorts are in deep doodoo with one convicted on eights counts of fraud and evading taxes and the other striking a plea bargain by pleading guilty to violating voter financing laws amongst other charges. Trumps’ former lawyer Michael Cohen implicated him in that Cohen stated that he was directed and coordinated by an individual running for a high Federal office. Is this the beginning of the end for the orange-haired troglodyte? (Let’s hope so).


RAMBLINGS 2018 (14)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (14)


Fridays have become a sort of ritual with our excursions for Fish and Chips. Last night we were off to Hamilton to a place we had been to before, (no Names). The Haddock was excellent but the chips were not the best. They also serve deep fried breaded mushrooms which were alright but no as good as the ones we have at another restaurant. The service was great and our server was courteous and cheerful. This was our third trip to this restaurant and this time it seemed that it had slid a bit downhill. As usual on the way home we stopped at our favourite ice cream place and it was two Butterscotch and Black Cherry cups. What this place calls a single scoop is about three scoops anywhere else. It is excellent ice cream.

2018/08 /12
This afternoon at 2:00 there is entertainment being put on in the Common Room. This time it is, believe it or not, our mailman who seemingly plays the guitar and sings. I’ll go and check it out but the first sound of Country and Western and I’m out of there. Can’t stand C & W. Anyway I’ll continue this when I come back.
I’m back. The entertainment started at 2:00 and ran through until 4:00. An intermission was called at 3:00 and I left. The singer was not that good and most of the songs he sung, myself and others had never heard. I think he wrote them himself. Any how as I said he wasn’t that good and I left. Waste of $5.00 as far as I am concerned. A few of my friends will have some caustic remarks that I left but I was not enjoying it and that is all there is to it. We have had other entertainment in the building and they have been really terrific but I’m afraid our Mailman wasn’t in their league.
The more I watch or read the news the more my disgust, contempt and distrust of the Americans, especially their political system, rises. Trumps tweets and statements are so riddled with lies that I doubt that anyone in the White House or the Republican Party can distinguish what is true anymore. Trumps’ habitual lying seems to have become contagious as all who work with him have fallen into the quagmire that perpetually surrounds him. I get the feeling that Trump is desperately trying to prove Pres. Lincoln wrong. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
16th president of US (1809 – 1865)
He is attempting to “fool all of the people all of the time”. He is definitely fooling some of, them people all, of the time with the aid of his cohorts at Fox News. They seem to be applying the axiom “Divide and Conquer” and the lower stratus of American society is swallowing it “hook, line, and sinker”.


RAMBLINGS 2018 (13)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (13)

Woke up this morning to the news of a mass shooting in Toronto, 3 dead including a 10-year- old girl and 13 injured. The dead include the shooter who died from gun shot wounds and the S.I.U. (Special Investigating Unit) is investigating to see if there was any Police wrong doing. Why? The shooter got what he deserved. This latest shooting happened at Logan and Danforth in Toronto’s Greek Town. Roughly 20 years ago my youngest daughter lived on the Danforth just east of Logan and it was and is a great place to live in Toronto. Don’t know what is happening in the country as gun violence is escalating and it looks like we are trying to emulate our gun happy cousins to the south where most of the hand guns used in shootings are smuggled in from. The shooter has been identified as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain who according to a statement put out by his family suffered from severe mental problems.

Had a very interesting lunch today. I was invited to lunch at the Mandarin by a Chinese chap named Sen who lives in the building. He is from Shanghai and came to Canada in 1986. He plays the accordion and though I have not heard him I am told he is very good. We had some interesting conversations about places we have been. He would like to go to Scandinavia and I would like to go to China. He is a most interesting man.
I read in the Huffington Post this morning that the “Orange-Haired Troglodyte” told an audience at a rally in Kansas basically “that every thing the see and hear or read is a lie”, to me that really smells “Orwellian 1984”. It is almost as if the Trog is trying to set up his own: Ministry of Truth” and introduce “Newspeak” where the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth.
The Mayor of Toronto has come forward with the sensible request of both the Provincial and Federal Governments that all Handguns be banned if not in the country at least in the city after the latest shooting spree on the Danforth. Kudos to Mayor Tory. There is absolutely no need for citizens to own handgun. We are not living in the late 19th century and this is not the U.S.


This being Thursday my P.S.W. (Personal Support Worker) comes to help clean my apartment and other odd jobs around here. This morning we took my old bed apart and carried out to the recycling bin. After that we put my new bed together and rearranged my bedroom. I have a great deal more room as I downsized to a single from a double. Going to need a roadmap to get around now. Seriously it looks a lot better and more importantly I now have a decent mattress for my back. Yeah along with having a bad heart, C.O.P.D., Diabetes, I have a bad back. I’m a walking catastrophe waiting to happen. My friends here in the building along with my daughters are all ways telling me to slow down and take it easy. BORING. Tomorrow is the best day of the month as we GET PAID. That means Fish and Chip and deep fried mushrooms night. Exciting, Eh What.


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