My Opinion, POLITICS


My Opinion, POLITICS


For a country that claims to be the “Greatest Nation on Earth” they have one “Hell of a” big problem. It seems that mass shootings are becoming the “National Past Time’. Lately there has been a spate of these senseless killings.
The American Motto is “In God We Trust” perhaps that should be “In Colt We Trust”, after all it is said that Colt “Made all men equal”. This obsessive addiction to fire arms is bordering on religious fanaticism spurred on by the “Pope of Pistols” Wayne Lapierre preaching from the pulpit of the High Temple of the ‘NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, (N.R.A.) financed by the American Gun Manufacturers. They should have their own 10 Commandments to indoctrinate their followers.
1. You shall carry a gun at all times.
2. you shall buy as many guns as you can.
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord Colt.
4. Remember to pay your N.R.A. dues.
5. Honour Colt and Remington.
6. You shall kill when threatened.
7. You shall not buy foreign fire arms.
8. You shall keep a large supply of ammunition.
9. You shall attack any who try to take your guns away.
10.You shall keep your fire arms in good condition. You may be called upon to use them at a moments notice.
The days of children being safe at school are over. In fact, in America, you are not safe anywhere be it a concert, at the movies, or at religious services, or walking down the street. Mass shootings are the new scourge.
The corruption of the American political system is mind boggling when an association like the N.R.A., with a membership of around five million can hold the rest of the country in the palm of its’ hand and dictate policy. It has been actively lobby the U.S. Government since 1975. The N.R.A. has tweaked and spun the 2nd Amendment to suit its’ own purpose which are somewhat different than the original intent. Perhaps they still fear that the “Red Coats” will return after 242 years.
Last Wednesday 14 February (St. Valentines Day) at around 2:30 in the afternoon the shooting started and within 10 minutes 17 people were dead and 14 others wounded. The body count included 3 Teacher who tried to protect their students, and 14 teenagers. The shooter himself a teenage (19) with what reports are saying had serious mental health problems. If these reports are true how in the hell was he able to legally purchase an AR 15 assault rifle and ammunition? Why are American gun manufacturers allowed to make civilian version of military weapons? It boils down to a corrupt political system and politicians to weak or cowardly to stand up against the Weapons makers and say no. What logical reason is there for civilians to own these murderous weapons? The usual reason given is for protection. Isn’t that what the Police are for. Of course in the U.S. your just as likely to get gunned down by them as by a criminal. I hope I am wrong in saying this but it’s not likely, I month from now when the Florida shooting is no longer news it will slowly fade from the national conscience and nothing will change. In America thses shootings will go on and on and nothing will change.

My Opinion, POLITICS



On Friday February 2nd the “Orange Haired Troglodyte” released the secret F.B.I. Memo in an attempt to divert the ongoing investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 Federal Election. It has been labeled inaccurate as the information contained therein has been cherry picked (deliberately picked and edited) from the original version. As a layman I have read this Memo and it does point to a bias against Trump, but as sources within the U.S. Intelligence Service, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Intelligence Oversight Committee amongst others have stated that this version of the Memo is not the complete version and much as been edited out and those portions that show a bias against Trump have been retained. It has definitely been presented to throw dispersion on the F.B.I and the D.O.J.
Watching the American News last night, I could hardly believe that Trump in a speech to a rally in Ohio called the Democrats’ reaction to the “State of the Union” address un-American and treasonous. This farcical infantile Demagogue has the impudence to name call and label the opposition Traitors because they did not clap is beyond the pale. For the so called greatest Democracy in the world they have a President that acts more like a would be tin pot dictator of some 3rd world country. Today it has been reported that Trump wants a big military parade like those held in Paris, Moscow, and Pyongyang. He is like a spoiled little boy who sees something and he wants it (Gimme, Gimme) irregardless of the expense or inconvenience. An American Congresswoman has come up with a rather descriptive nickname for Trump “Cadet Bone Spurs” this of course is in reference the using a case of Bone Spurs to avoid the draft back in the Viet Nam War era. It was one of five deferments he received from military service. Now he is Commander in chief of the U.S. Armed forces and but for the absence of a uniform he can strut and poise like the late Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini, instead of “Il Duce as a title it could be “Il Bone Spurs”. Better yet “Il B.S.”.
Trump is making a mockery of the Presidency and as a result American is becoming a laughing stock. Its’ prestige in the world is slipping and will continue to do so as long Trump is in office, but then the American people put him there so they got what they deserved.

My Opinion, POLITICS


It is now four days since the latest mass shooting in the U.S. which occurred in Las Vegas. This time the deranged individual opened fire from a 32nd floor suite in the Mandalay Hotel down on a Country and Western concert with some 22,000 people in attendance. In the aftermath of this atrocity where 58 were killed and more than 520 wounded the hypocrisy of the American political system kicked into high gear. The standard phrases were spouted. “Our thought and prayer go out to the families of those killed or wounded”, “This is not the time to discuss gun control”, “This is not a gun control issue. It is a mental health issue”. These clichés are sickening. The hypocritical politicians bow their heads and spew prayers to a being who in my opinion does not exists as if this will solve the problem. The evangelical preachers blame it on the devil and the godless society they claim their country has become. No one in a position of power seems to have the courage to tell it like it is. There are to many damn guns in the hands of civilians and America has a massive gun problem. Every time a mass shooting happens the N.R.A. goes quiet as if in a huddle to figure out how they can best profit from the carnage. After a shooting people rush out to by more guns, they say is for protection, but in reality it is adding to the problem.
The shooter in this instance, Stephen Paddock, will be classified as a mentally deranged person and he more than like was but he was also a very methodical terrorist. It is reported that he had planned and built up an arsenal of 29 weapons and 1000’s of rounds of ammunition for a long time, reconnoitring the Vegas Strip and it is suggested he checked out another concert held the weekend before. These are the actions of a cunningly insane person. No motive has been found for his actions but maybe he just wanted the notoriety. From the moment he shot his first victim he went into the history books because every time the Las Vegas Massacre is mentioned his name will stand out prominently.
It is almost certain that individuals of this stripe are suffering from some form of mental illness yet the U.S. laws allows these persons easy access to weapons. State and Federal government will ban certain weapons one year only to revoke the ban a few years later when the government changes. They allow the manufacturing and sales off devices that are made specifically for enhancing the power of weapons and now they are set to pass a law allowing silencers to be legally purchased. The Americans boast about their Democracy but in reality the live in a dictatorship run by the N.R.A. in partnership with the weapons manufacturers.
Perhaps Euripides was correct when he stated “Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first drive mad”. Evidence shows that the United States of America is governed by Mad Men.

My Opinion, POLITICS


The American Webster’s Dictionary should change its definition of Republican Politician from: A Politician belonging to the Republican Party to “VILLAGE IDIOT”.
It seems that since the election of a Republican President that the true colours of the Republican Party have been shown. From the comments and theories spouting out of the mouths of Senators and Congressmen it seems that the Republicans have cornered the market on “Village Idiots” and the U.S. is the “Dumb Ass” capitol of the world. I guess it doesn’t help when the President is the King of Dumb Asses whom I am sure if his parents had known what they had wrought on the world would have had him drowned at birth. If he wasn’t so dangerous it would be funny.
It is as though every nut bar Republican state and Federal Politicians has broken free from their cocoon, like Locusts, to devour every logical thought that came before. The latest example of the mentality of these people comes from a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania who has suggested that because of the growing number of people on the Planet that the body heat we collectively give off could be responsible for the rising temperature. Betwixt the climate change deniers and the evangelical bible thumpers it is, if a nonbeliever may use the term, a miracle that the country hasn’t broken up into a series of armed conclaves. The Republican Senator who chairs the House Science Committee doesn’t believe in science yet he controls the budget for what science is being done. The Secretary of Education, believes in Private Religion based schools over the Public System. Admittedly the American Public Education system isn’t that good where 32 million or 14% of the population can’t read; 21% of adults read below a 5th grade level and 19% of High School graduates can’t read. I will, of course, say that the literacy rate in Canada isn’t that great either.
It has been Republican Senators or Congressmen who have come up with some of the most incredibly stupid statements. One Congressman claimed that a woman could not become pregnant from being raped because her body will not allow fertilization. Another on the subject of climate change stated “God promised after the great flood never to destroy the Human race in that manner again”. In a previous blog I said that “there must be a school that Republicans go to learn stupid” the more I read quotes from leading republicans such as the late Ronald Regan who said “Facts are stupid things” or “Trees cause pollution” the more I’m convinced. Of course in the views of the Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Presidential adviser Kellyann Conway these off the wall ridiculous statements are “ALTERNATE FACTS” (Lies). I pray to the Moirai (Fates) that the world will survive the next 4 years with these sorry excuses for Humans.

My Opinion, POLITICS




If one needed proof that Donald J. Trump is dangerous, he confirmed it so with some of his latest statements spewed out of his mouth at his last two rallies.
On Tuesday, 9th Aug. he stated at a rally in Virginia that, “Crooked Hilary is out to abolish the 2nd Amendment (False) and if she is elected and gets to pick her own Judges there is nothing that folks can do. Maybe though the 2nd Amendment people could do something”. This comes awfully close to Trump suggesting that some one might shoot Hilary or her choice of Judges. On Wednesday, 10th Aug. at another rally in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, he accused President Obama of being the founder of ISIS and Hilary Clinton the co-founder. This ISIS statement goes against historical fact, in that ISIS rose out of the illegal and disastrous American Invasion of Iraq under G.W. Bush’s Republican Presidency to depose Saddam Hussein. Without Hussein to keep control over the various religious factions ISIS sprung into being and filled the void left when the Americans pulled out.
It is difficult to understand what reality Trump lives in or for that matter what dream land. He is beyond a doubt, proven many times, an habitual liar and a megalomaniac who pulls statements out of thin air and swears they are the truth. I think Trump lost his calling and instead of being a Real Estate Mogul he should be writing fairy tales. What is worse is the people who listen and believe him. Once words are spoken they can never be recalled and Trump should know this so perhaps it is fair to say “He doesn’t give a damn”.
His comments about “2nd Amendment people doing something” could be taken literally by some gun toting lunatic and either succeed or attempt in shooting Hilary Clinton or her selection for Supreme Court justices. He has threatened to renounce both trade and defense treaties, use torture, and now put on trial Americans imprisoned in Guantanamo which under American law is illegal. He talks of walls and mass deportations with little or no regard for the people and families this would affect. He slanders American war heroes and attacks the family of a fallen U.S. Muslim soldier killed in Afghanistan. He ridicules the disabled and accuses the media of being biased against him reporting everything he says out of context. He has said that Obama and Hilary have made the world a more dangerous place but if he is elected there is the possibility that he would bring the world to the brink of Armageddon because of his temperament and thin skin when it comes to insults. This billionaire troglodyte will say anything to get people to support him. He says he is a Christian and that no one knows the bible like he does. If Trump is a Christian, he is one of convenience. When it suits him to be religious he dons his sheep’ clothing but underneath the wolf still crouches. Trump is the modern Nero and if in power will fiddle as the world burns. This narcissistic megalomaniac could (or would) possibly bring about a nuclear holocaust, ending civilization as we know it, just because he can.

My Opinion, POLITICS




Trump is at it again. This time he is saying that he doubts both Hilary Clinton and President Obama are Christians. “He told a group of evangelical leaders that he doesn’t believe there is enough public information about Clinton’s religious beliefs” (Huffington post).
For a nation that prides itself with a separation of Church and State they sure bring a lot of religion into their politics. I guess this all started back when JFK ran for President. There was concerns brought up about him being A Catholic. His reply was made in a speech to the Association of Protestant Clergy, … “But because I am a Catholic, and no Catholic has ever been elected president, the real issues in this campaign have been obscured — perhaps deliberately, in some quarters less responsible than this. So it is apparently necessary for me to state once again not what kind of church I believe in — for that should be important only to me — but what kind of America I believe in.
I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote; where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference; and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the president who might appoint him or the people who might elect him.” (JFK)
That was about the last time that a Presidential Candidate said anything like that. Since those times religion has grown to become an integral part of American Politics what with the Christian Right and the Evangelicals. These groups have managed to get a great deal of political power. They are as bad as if not worse than the NRA as both threaten to make politicians who do not vote their way pay. There are just too many special interest groups influencing American Politics and that includes both major parties.
Trump with his hate filled rhetoric will latch on to any subject he can and embellish it with his blatant lies and some how manage to get away with it. He has the temerity to refer to His competitor as a liar yet it is doubtful that trump would know the truth if it kicked him in the ass. If Trump is such a great Christian why has he been divorced twice and is now on trophy wife number three. How also can he be such a blatant liar? Does not Christianity say lying is a sin. Good thing he ain’t a Catholic as he would spend his life in a Confessional and wearing out sets of Rosary Beads doing penance.
Why a persons’ religion is used as a political issue is beyond comprehension. The Christians irregardless of their denomination are all suppose to believe in the same god. Religion is a personal thing and really no one else’s business. The way things have progresses in the U.S. a non-Christian or an atheist can never be President. So much for the American dream where everybody can run for the Presidency. Another lie put forth by the American establishment. Thank the Fates that there is a border between us and them.