Is it possible that George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” is slowly becoming a reality? A few days ago in “Ramblings 2018 (13) I spoke of Trump setting up his own “Ministry of Truth” and introducing “Newspeak”. This was my conclusion after reading that at a rally in Kansas City he told the audience “Stick with us. Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news. … What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” This is about as close to Orwellian as you can get.
It is almost incomprehensible how Trump praises the dictators of the world and reviles his friends and allies. That is until you look at it from the point that Trump is enthralled by so called strong leaders, men who subjugate and terrorize their own people. Mayhaps it is the bully within screaming to get out and run wild. Trump lacks humanity or empathy, people mean nothing to him.
His latest proclamation is his threat to shut the government down if he doesn’t get the money to build his version of the “Berlin Wall” across the border with Mexico. This is not a president it is a spoiled brat who, when he cannot get his way resorts to childish threats.
Donald J. Trump is a master of the chaotic he seems to thrive on creating dissention and ambiguity with the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. It is established that he tries to run the country like one of his businesses where he allows no disagreement and considers himself to be the greatest deal maker ever created. His Hubris knows no bounds.
Because Trumps’ supporters think that he and only he speaks the truth they are harassing and threatening media reporters at his rallies the Ministry of Truth is slowly gaining ground. Trump is laying the ground work and “1984” might be “2024” or sooner. It is well established that Trump is an invertebrate liar who has difficulty distinguishing fake from real. His rampage against the “News Media” is indicative of a would be pompous “Tin Pot Dictator” who cannot accept criticism in any form what so ever. He is the little boy who when things don’t go his way picks up his marbles and goes home.



He who would be Dictator has just been handed another gift in his quest for power. Supreme Court Judge, Anthony Kennedy, has announced his retirement allowing the Orange-Haired one to appoint an ultra-conservative to fill the slot, pending ratification by the Republican majority in both the Senate and Congress. With this appointment he will turn the clock back at least fifty years, perhaps longer, in American Jurisprudence, (the science or philosophy of Law).
In the first year of his Presidency and in the campaign leading up to his election, Trump targeted Mexico and the problem of illegal immigration across the border between the U.S. and Mexico. He called these illegals, rapists, murderers, and generally bad people.
He has now targeted Canada and the European Union with illegal tariffs. He has already started bullying and blatantly lying about us imposing crippling tariffs on our steel and aluminium and threatening to place a 25% tariff on automobiles made in Canada for the American market. Actually the automobile tariff is on all vehicles imported into the U.S. He does not differentiate between ally and foe but has decided to punish all and establish it seems, an Isolationist Policy similar to what occurred in the states between the two world wars. He is the quintessential anti- globalist.
Sunday was the True Norths’ (Canada) 151st Birthday and it was celebrated in part by the imposing of retaliatory tariffs on around sixteen billion dollars of American goods coming into Canada. Trump started this Trade War and Canada and the E.U. are not rolling over and playing dead. Canada might be a mouse lying beside an elephant but remember a mouse has sharp teeth and can run circles around an elephant. That’s not to say we can win as nobody wins in a Trade War just a lot of people get hurt.
Tomorrow is Independence Day in the states and the world will be deluged adnauseam by how great and powerful America is. It will give him a great opportunity to strut and swagger puffing his chest out in imitation of one of his favourite people “Mussolini”. I think somewhere along the line he got his values turned around. He praises the worlds dictators and trashes his friends and allies.
His “Zero Tolerance” order on immigration is the work of a cruel heartless individual whose racism constantly manifests itself. He is determined to undo and reverse the work done by previous administrations in the field of civil rights, especially that of the Obama Presidency. His “Braggadocio” has no limits and his need for praise is reminiscent of a little boy trying to please his parents.
The next election is just over two years away and hopefully he will be voted out of office, but, don’t hold your breath.


RAMBLINGS 2018 (11)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (11)


Went to Hamilton yesterday with a couple of friends to buy a pair of sandals at a place on Upper James Street. We pulled up to a stop light and on the grassy boulevard was a young homeless man, all his worldly possession in a shopping buggy, lying on the grass sharing what looked like a can of Spam with his dog. I have seen homeless people before but never anything like that. What else surprised me was I choked up and if I had any money on me I would have jumped out of the car and gave it to him. I have no idea what in his life happened to bring him down to being homeless but it really hit home with me how lucky I was. When the light turned green we carried on and I got my sandals but I couldn’t get the picture of that young man and his dog which was sitting patiently while his master cut the meat up for him. If things had been different that could have been me.
As we all know Trump was in Canada to attend the G7 meeting at Charlevoix Quebec and as usual when things didn’t go the way Trump wanted he waited until he was on the plane heading to Singapore to vent his childish anger at Prime Minister Trudeau because he stood up for Canada and said “we would not be pushed around”.
Here is a President who angers and upsets his closest allies and praises authoritarian dictators. Trump touts himself as the “Greatest Negotiator” ever which is one way he feeds his narcissistic persona. Nobody can do anything better than he can, and that includes lying and back stabbing. He is an habitual liar, misogynist, adulterer, hypocrite, homophobe, bully, and racist. He is also extremely dangerous as he is an “America Firster and Isolationist”. He hides behind the fact that America is both economically and militarily a great power and he will threaten who he pleases. This time he is threatening Canada and the European Union (Americas closest allies) by declaring a Trade War with tariffs against steel and aluminium. He is also pondering tariffs against imported automobiles.
Two hundred and six years ago when Canada wasn’t a nation but British North America the Americans declared war on the U.K for the second time and the “War of 1812” erupted. The American thought that the best way to get at the Brits was to invade and conquer the Provinces of Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec) Canada. Well they came they fought and they basically got their butts kicked and retreated back across the border. The war lasted about 3 years and when it ended everything returned to normal and Canada was still British and not part of the U.S. Now these 200 odd years later America has declared economic war on Canada and this time we might not be able to beat them. We rely more on their trade than they do on ours and they have the where-with-all to really hurt our economy. We Canadians are a pretty polite easy going people until someone tries to shove us around. When that happens the hackles go up and we fight back. As the P.M. said “Canada will not be pushed around” especially by an Orange Hair Moronic Buffoon.


RAMBLINGS 2018 (10)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (10)

It is just the 3rd day of May and already I have heard complaints about how hot it is. Of course this is quite normal because we here in Southern Ontario make complaining about the weather a national past time. It is either to cold, to much snow, to much rain, to humid or to hot. Guess we are just never satisfied. My Dad loved the heat. The hotter the better. Maybe that’s why he spent so much time working in hot countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Central and South America, and Indonesia. When I was much younger the heat didn’t bother me but as I grow longer in the tooth I don’t much care for it and being a long time smoker (quit 5 years ago) my lungs are damaged and when the humidity gets high I have trouble breathing. That’s when I love my Air Conditioner. Speaking of which I have to service and clean to get it ready for the summer. As I am writing it is 22C but feels warmer with the humidity. Starting Sunday, the 5th the temp will be in the mid to high teens, a respite before the heat starts to climb and keep climbing into the high 30Cs. I keep saying I’m moving to Baffin Island but then in the summer the black flies are out in force and in the winter the average temp is in the minus 30C range. That’s a might chilly. Actually I’m ashamed to say I don’t know that much about Baffin Island which is part of the Territory of Nunavut (our land) with the capital Iqaluit (place of the fish) located on it.
As yesterday was a bit on the humid side I pulled my A/C out of the sleeve and cleaned it up and oiled the fan as it will soon be getting lots of use when the humidity climbs as the summer progresses.
‘Tis going to be a boring weekend as there are no plans to try a new Fish and Chip restaurant or a concert to go to. I can always go for a ride if the weather permits. Friday is Food Bank day in the building and as usual I’ll wander down near the end of it to see if there is anything good left. Sometimes there is other times it’s crap. Well one more pot of soup to make this weekend then the soup pot gets put away until the Fall. Just came up from the Food Bank. There wasn’t much there except the usual, lots of bread, veggies, and can goods. There was also packages of what can only be describes as mystery meat as no one knew what it was.
Cable went out around 4:00pm and it is now 7:00pm and it’s not back on. It is annoying when the cable goes out. I think this time it is due to the high winds we have been having today. Gust up to 100km (62mph).
Dozed off on the couch last night and woke up at 3:30am the cable was still down. At 7:30am when I got up it was back up and working. Even if it came back on at 4:00am that’s 12 hours with no TV or internet. Guess that wind storm did some bad damage. When a storm cuts the power it can be very frustrating as we come to realize just how much we depend on electricity in our lives. At least people who have gas appliances in their homes can cook, have hot water and in some cases refrigeration. No electricity no cooking, no hot water. No refrigeration, no nothing. The joys of civilization.




When Trump is proclaimed “President for Life” what name will he choose or be given. The more famous names such as “Der Fuehrer”, Il Duce, or “Big Brother” have been used so what’s left “Boss”. His buddy Putin is pushing for “Tsar” which is Russian for Caesar. So it could be “Imperator” which would put him a couple of notches above Tsar Vlad.
Yesterday the 56th day of 2017 and the 36th day of the Trump presidency the curtain of the coming “Dark Age” was lowered substantially with the “White House” banning some of the top News outlets in the country, and to name a few: – Washington Post, New York and L.A. Times, C.N.N., and Huffington Post. If you would control the hearts and minds of the populace; control the Media. The media that is banned are critical of Trump and his administration therefore he has stated that they are enemies of the people. Those media outlet of a more conservative stripe are welcome in the White House as they report Trump and his cronies in a more positive light. The 1st Amendment of the lauded American Constitution is on the brink of being relegated to the waste bin. Freedom of Speech and of the Press are essential to any Democracy for without them those who would oppress have free reign. The peoples of the three totalitarian states that plunged the World into a Global War had lost those freedoms in the birthing days of their respective dictatorships. Trump has also stated that he wants Americas’ Nuclear Arsenal increased. The old Roman adage “if you would have peace; prepare for war” is no longer relevant as increase of weapons production usually foreshadows war. The largest two nuclear powers alone have the capability of wiping all civilization from Earth and with the other lesser amounts that other nation have perhaps the ability to wipe all life from this Planet.
At times when speaking to a crowd of supporters he tends to rant and go off on unintelligible ravings that are total incoherent and somewhat childish. At times like these he seems totally unstable. It has been 110 days since he won the election so there really is no need to harp on it almost constantly spewing many inaccurate facts about his win. He is like a little boy shouting “NAH, NAH, I WON, YOU LOST” when playing some game. There is also the constant chest beating when speaking saying things like “nobody is better at, or nobody knows more, or nobody loves it more”. I wonder if he says to his wife “Me Tarzan, You Jane”. After all it would fit in with his “orange hair” which only he and Orangutans have.
Each year since 1914 the White House Correspondents Association hold a dinner at the Washington Hilton Hotel at the end of April. In a fit of what can only be called pique President Trump has announced he will not be attending. This is the typical act of an immature little boy whose feelings have been hurt. The next thing will be to throw a temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way on some treaty or deal. What is most perplexing is that certain segments of the American populist think he is great? The outsider who will change Washington and put America on top again. In any other country these things would be over looked but in a country with the military power of the U.S. under the command of a self-centred egomaniac things could get out of control quite easily.

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CLINTON-2/TRUMP-0 2016/10/10
Last evening, I stayed up to watch the second in the series of three debates between the U.S. Presidential candidates, Clinton and Trump. I must admit I am somewhat biased and favour Clinton but aside from that She won the debate giving her a 2 to 0 lead over Trump.
When it comes to Donald J. Trump it is almost at the point where there are few derogatory words or terms left in the English language to describe him. Those that are in use are repetitive and getting well worn. Last night his performance mimic that of the first debate, a 70-year-old spoiled rich would be tyrant. His performance was or is reminiscent of the spoiled little kid who couldn’t have it his way. What type of political candidate threatens his opponent publicly that if he is elected he will appoint a special prosecutor to indict said opponent for, I assume, treason and throw her in jail.
The recent revelations of Trumps arrogant misogyny, which he puts down to “Locker Room” talk, is reprehensible to say the least. His statement that it was OK to call his daughter “A piece of A-s” is beyond repugnant. What kind of father would say this? Perhaps the most upsetting of this Presidential Campaign is that whatever Trump says or does it seems to be Ok with the Republican electorate. Can they not see that the man is dangerous? Adolph Hitler was considered a clown and buffoon by a lot of the German people and the world knows what happened there.
Some of my friends and neighbours have said to me “who cares it’s in the States” well the answer is that like it or not Canada is closely tied economically to the U.S. and when they cough the rumble is felt up here. We cannot interfere in American politics as that it for their people to sort out but we should be very watchful as to who they elect. Trump is saying that he will repeal NAFTA which could and more likely will hurt trade between us. He has also threatened to withhold support for NATO until as he puts it “they start paying their share”. These threats may sound good to the blue collar segment of the American people but they fail to realize that these moves are dangerous and merely cause more animosity towards America. His pronouncements on Muslims feed the radical factions of that religion. His Islamophobia is a propaganda bonanza for terrorist recruiters.
For the life of me I have never really understood the American Republican system of government. I find their system so like that of ancient Rome which went from a Monarchy to a Republic, to an Imperium, and finally collapse. Perhaps Trump is a reincarnation of “Caligula, or Nero, or Commodus” who knows? Well whatever one believes or thinks when politicians the likes of Trump appear, be wary be very wary.

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1 July 2016, Canadas’ 149th Birthday and the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme in World War 1.
While this is a day of celebration for Canada it is also a day of Remembrance for the people of Newfoundland/Labrador. On this day 100 years ago on the Western Front the Allies launch an attack against the Germany Trenches along the upper reaches of the River Somme in France. The battle would last 131 days and result in a total of over one million casualties. Britain would suffer 451,842 casualties while France suffered 250,000 and Germany 537,918. It was and is the bloodiest battle in History.
For Newfoundland /Labrador it is the darkest day in their short history. The Battle of Beaumont-Hamel is forever etched into the memory of every Newfoundlander. On the morning of 1 July 1916 the Royal Newfoundland Regiment waited in their trenches for the order to advance with the third wave of the British attack. At 9:15 a.m. the regiment was ordered over the top and left their trenches moving towards their jump of position. They advanced across open ground with no artillery support and full view of the enemy into a maelstrom of Germany Artillery and Machine Gun fire. The attack by the R.N.R lasted 30 minutes ending at 9:45 a.m. The Newfoundlanders suffered 324 dead, 386 wounded and on the following day 2 July 1916 only 68 men were capable of answering the Roll Call. In just 30 minutes the R.N.R. ceased to exist as a fighting unit. This slaughter affected almost every family in Newfoundland. In 1916 it was a separate Dominion within the British Empire and not part of Canada; that would come 33 years later on 1 July 1949 when Newfoundland became the 10th Province of Canada.
This day is both one of Remembrance and Celebration in Canadas’ youngest family member. Although they were not part of Canada in 1916 that display of discipline and bravery would become part of Canadas’ proud Military Tradition.