RAMBLINGS 2018 (3)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (3)


As previously stated in the first Blog of this, title I will be jumping from topic to topic and in no set order. In other words, RAMBLING.
My oldest daughter has a rather unique name for the province of Alberta, “Texas North”. Of all the Canadian Provinces Alberta is perhaps the most Conservative. They are, it seems, cut from the same cloth as their southern cousins, reliant on Cattle and Oil. Canadas’ “Wild West”. At this juncture in time, though, there is a slight aberration in Alberta in that to everyone’s surprise a Socialist N.D.P. government was elected in April 2015. From Right Wing to Left Wing in one hiccup. All the previous dead Conservative Premiers must have been rolling in their graves.
Tonight is a big night in the states, Trump is giving his first “State of the Union” address so I will have some comments on that further on in the blog.

Due to a prior commitment yesterday I did not get the opportunity to watch Trump’s first “State of the Union” address but I did manage to watch it on Twitter this morning. To paraphrase Shakespeare if I may “It was a tale told by an idiot full of sound and falsehood signifying nothing”. Americans, are by far the most chauvinistic, as in boisterously patriotic, peoples and Trump milks this for every last drop he can. They seem to go out of their way to prove who amongst them loves their country more. Strange people.
As I listened to the words spewing out of Trumps’ mouth it hit me that everything he does is great, fantastic, or never been done before. Among others, his claim of birthing the biggest tax cut in American History is totally false as there have been 3 cuts bigger than his. Presidents Obama, Bush, and Reagan brought about bigger tax cuts than Trumps’. In all likelihood Trumps’ will turn out to be the most divisive.

Finally, January with its record breaking cold spells is over but then we have February to face and it can be just as bad if not worse. At one point it was colder in parts of Canada than at both poles and the planet Mars. That’s cold.
I watched a report on CTV News last night that started me to think about our Provincial Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and as I watched and thought I began to realize that I was getting annoyed at our Provincial Government. The story concerned a three-year-old boy who was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy. I know something of C.P. as someone very dear to me was born with a mild form of it. The C.P. affected the youngsters’ legs and feet so he couldn’t walk. There is a surgical procedure to help this situation available in the U.S. at a cost of $150,000 but OHIP refused to cover the cost so the parents had to raise the necessary money to help their son walk. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that OHIP has refused coverage for medical conditions. We in the “Great White North” brag about our health care system then incidents like this arise and in my opinion put the system to shame. Perhaps if our current Provincial government stop messing about with our electrical system at the cost of millions of dollars there might be more money for health care and the needy.
As I stated in the previous Ramblings I was going to start writing about our own political system and politicians so look forward to some comments under the title “BASHING”

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*(Twit as in idiot)
Donald Trump and his Smart Phone are inseparable. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me that when he goes into the privy he tweets whilst having a bowel movement. Trump personally stands behind every word his little hands tap out on his phones’ keyboard be they truth or extortions of the truth. I do believe that he is totally responsible for the “Fake News” that he so often and vehemently blames on the media. In Nazi Germany Hitler and his cronies used the term “Lugenpresse” (Lying Press) Trump uses “Fake News”. Different time, different language same expression.
In his latest round of tweets, he is blaming the Democrats for the Government shutdown. Now I am the first to admit that the U.S. system of Government baffles me but this shutting down of the Government not only baffles it is totally incomprehensible. Only the Americans could come up with a system that seems so totally illogical and bizarre. All non-essential government workers are furloughed and some Branches of the Government are still working but are not getting paid. Mind boggling.
Trump is the Son of Chaos. He thrives in a chaotic atmosphere and in this way he deflects responsibility and blame. The social media such as Twitter was made for him as it is an almost perfect platform for his bullying and threatening. It also gives his bigotry and racism an wider forum for dissemination.
The U.S. Senate finally passed a bill giving the government enough money to operate until February 8th. Trumps little fingers have been very busy blaming the Democrats for everything with the exception of the “Black Death” and that’s only because there hasn’t been a serious outbreak lately but if he could he would. From the reading I have done I do not believe that Donald J. Trump has ever taken the blame for anything. One thing for sure he is lightening fast to accept credit for any good event real or imagined.
He is the greatest Candidate ever, his inaugural had more attendees than any other President, he and only he can fix any problem, and let us not forget he is the greatest deal maker ever. His hubris knows no bounds nor does his narcissism. In reality History will put him down as the worst President ever. He is, as I finish this up at an Economic meeting in Davos Switzerland and even there he cannot resist calling the media purveyors of “FAKE NEWS” to which the response was a resounding round of Boos. When George W. was President everyone thought he would be listed as the worst President. He has been surpassed, much to a lot of peoples’ chagrin, by Trump. Here hoping that the world will survive the remaining three years of his Presidency. That is, if they hide the nuke button where he can’t get at it.

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It has been awhile since I wrote anything on 4100 and to be honest I really don’t know where to pick up from. At one point I entitled this “WAREHOUSE 4100” but some of my readers took umbrage at that term saying it was an insult. With that criticism I change the title to “4100” and shortly after stopped writing about my domicile. Well I’m back.

Since I last wrote we have had some folks move out to live with family and some to homes where they provide long term care. Of course a few have moved on to the great unknown. Thankfully not many. A few have moved in so everything balances out. We have had a new Property Manager, now we don’t have one at all. We do have a new Superintendent, young fell in his forties. In terms of maintenance some areas of the building are in rough shape. Paint blistering on the walls due to water leaks. In some instances, both the paint and the drywall have fallen off. One tenant got so fed up looking at a damaged wall in the lobby she went out and purchased the necessary supplies and fixed it herself. The only thing the Housing Corp. did was give her the paint. She did a damn good job. One sour note was that when the head of the Housing Corp. maintenance came and looked at the repaired wall he said “What do you need us for”. Typical bureaucrat.
A few of us still make our daily pilgrimage to the lobby to sit and talk and crack jokes at each others expense. We do this to alleviate the boredom of staring at the four walls of our apartments. Of course boredom grows as winter is upon us and at the end of December and the start of January it was bitter cold. In fact, some parts of the country were colder than both the North and South Poles and also the planet Mars. That’s a might chilly. Both Toronto and Hamilton harbours froze over which hasn’t happened in years. It was somewhat reminiscent of when I was a kid in the late 40s and early 50s.
The weekly food bank that is held every Friday in the building has improved a smidgen since I last wrote but then anything would be an improvement. There is some sort of virus working its’ way through the building and even though my neighbour J and myself had the flu shot we both contracted it at the same time and it took both of us eleven days to get over it. It was reported on the news that this years’ flu vaccine is only ten percent effective and I can vouch for that statement.
It is Robbie Burns day on the twentieth and a few of the ladies are going to a Robbie Burns Day dinner and dance. Speaking of Burns, he might have been a great Scottish Poet but he was a despicable specimen of a man. I won’t go into great detail but suffice it to say he was a drunkard and a fornicator. He was the definition of a Rake.
It is a new year and we shall see how things change and improve around here. According to what has been said by Housing staff members there is supposedly big changes coming. I personally will believe that when I see it.


Rambling 2018 prt, 2



I have gone through a rather prolonged dry spell when it comes to my writing. I think this was due to a lack of topics that peeked my interest or aroused distain towards a certain subject or personage. For a period, there I was bashing Trump but everything that can be said or written about him has been done to the point of nausea. Whatever the man says or does comes as no surprise to me. He has become totally predictable.
It has also occurred to me that I have been commenting on happenings in the United States when I should be trying to focus on what is going on in my own country. There are those who say that “The Great White North”, Canada, is somewhat boring as compared to other countries in the world. Perhaps this is true but I think it has more to do with the fact Canadians are not boisterously patriotic, although we are starting to be come so. We as a people tend to downplay a lot of things that go on in our governments, be they municipal, Provincial, Territorial, or Federal. Perhaps that come with not being a world super power. It is not that we sit back and let politicians of any stripe get away with wrong doing it just seems that it is taken care of in a quieter way. Then again I must confess that I don’t pay that much attention to Canadian Politics and for that I am ashamed and will make it my target this year to pay closer attention to what is happening in my own backyard.
Just when I though that everything had been written and said about Donald Trump he opens his mouth and proves it to be a far greater “Shithole” than any country he mentioned. Why does this not surprise me? His bigotry and racism knows no bounds.
The so called January thaw which is a yearly occurrence in southern Ontario lasted only a few days and then the Arctic cold took over again. It has, to put it mildly been somewhat cold this month, but then it’s winter and this Canada. I remember winters back in the late 40s and into the 50s when it was just as cold with just as much snow if not more and it was considered quite normal. I think some of the problem people have with the cold now is a bit psychological. Canada started to switch from Imperial measurement to Metric in 1970. This meant weight, distance, velocity, measurement, and temperature all changed. Weight became Kilograms, Distance and Velocity became Kilometres, Measurement became Metres, and Temperature became Celsius. When one measure temperature 32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 degrees Celsius, the psychological effect is that when the temperature is at minus15C we think it is really cold where in the old scale it is cold but still above zero. Minus 18C is 0 degrees F. It doesn’t help that the older one gets the more the cold affects you. The old bones can’t take it like they use to.

It just pop into my head how I sometimes have trouble with the words AFFECT and EFFECT or TO and TOO. I know the correct usage of the words it is just sometimes when writing my mind is ahead of what I am putting to paper that I mix them up. Especially TO and TOO. Perhaps the fact that the old grey matter isn’t as sharp as it used to be is the root cause. I dread losing my intellect and the ability to communicate effectively either in speech or writing. Diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s or a Stroke terrify me. Suicide would be preferable.
Well I have rambled on enough for now. Until something truly peaks my interest I will keep rambling and jumping from subject to subject.





Normally I would have started this Ramble on New Years Day but to be honest I really didn’t feel like it. So here it is the sixth day of January, my youngest daughter’s birthday and the forty-seventh anniversary of my marriage. That is if we were still together. In the Christian calendar this is the feast of the Epiphany, (when the three Magi arrived in Bethlehem) it is also Christmas Eve according to the Orthodox Calendar. What it is on other calendars I don’t know and I admit I haven’t much inclination to find out. I only mentioned the above religious events because up until my late teens I was a Catholic. Now, not so much. It is the year Two Thousand and Eighteen C.E. (common era which used to be A.D. Anno Domini). I like the term common era as it has no religious connotations, therefore it shouldn’t upset any one’s religious sensibilities.
Two thousand and eighteen years ago a Jewish Reform Rabbi (thought to be the Son of God by his followers) was executed and a new religion sprung up around his life and works, Christianity. Around the mid seventh century another new religion was born in Arabia, Islam, this religion claims that the two previous Abrahamic Religions, Judaism and Christianity got it wrong so God sent Mohammed to straighten things out. Result. The three religions have been at war off and on for the past fourteen hundred years. Three religions one God and they can’t get along.
It is now the ninth of January and there is a two-day break in my ramblings as I was busy with other mundane aspects of my life. On the very few occasions that I am asked for advice the only sage statements I can think of is “don’t grow old” and “if you must grow old don’t retire” both suck. The individual who coined the term “Golden years” should be hung, drawn, and quartered. I find this post Xmas, early New Year a somewhat depressing time the excitement is over with and there is but looking forward to an other year which no one knows what it will hold. It is the time of year in which I am cabin bound as the weather does not permit me riding my scooter and I have to rely on either public transit or the generosity of others with a car. I don’t even have a drivers license any more as I couldn’t see paying for it when I don’t own a vehicle.
As this is under the category “Ramblings” I will be jumping around hither and yon on subjects that pop into my mind at the time. We live in interesting times, but then that has been said time and again. I wonder if there has ever been an “uninteresting time”. Surely at some point in our climb up the ladder of evolution there must have been point where someone said “well that was a boring time”. Sometimes, not often, I survey the world around me and think it just might have been better if we hadn’t fallen out of that tree. No evolution, no civilization, just anthropoids living day to day with only the worry of finding their next meal and not being some other creatures next meal. A lot less complicated that so called modern life. Alas it is not meant to be. Humankind are an aggressively curious species and the view from a tree branch became very boring over the course of time.
So here we are in the early years of the twenty-first century, still aggressive, still curious, and still wearing a thin veil of civilization that masks our brutal nature. As I said I think the trees might have been better.



On 31 July 1917 the 3rd battle Ypres commenced, it is also known as the Battle of Passchendaele, and 102 days later on 10 November 1917 it ended with the Canadian Corps capturing Passchendaele ridge and town. The cost to all British Forces was 275,000 killed, wounded, captured, or missing which includes 15,654 Canadian casualties. The Germans sustained 220,000 casualties. Passchendaele is synonymous with the frightful conditions and waste of lives which was the 1st World War.
After the Victory at Vimy Ridge the 4 Canadian Divisions were pulled from the line for rest and refit and to fill the loses in the ranks. This was merely a short respite as more tough fighting lay ahead. After Vimy would come Hill 70, Passchendaele, and finally the 100 Days. The reputation that the Canucks had built was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it built a great “esprit de corps” and enhanced Canadas’ reputation amongst the allies and on the worlds stage. A curse because now when the Imperial General Staff had a particularly hard objective to overcome the job fell to the Canadians.
This is also the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Hill 70 which took place in August 1917. This battle is often overlooked because of the Vimy Victory. Again the Imperial High Command call on the Canadian Corps to crack this hard nut with the hope of drawing German Troops from the Passchendaele offensive. The Canadian Corps took Hill 70 sustaining 9,000 casualties. The Germans lost an estimated 25,000 casualties. Although Hill 70 was taken the probing attacks against the town of Lens were unsuccessful and by the 25th of August the Canadian attack petered out leaving the Canadians holding the western part of the town. Soon the Canadian Corps would be ordered to move north to Passchendaele.
In mid-October 1917 the Canadian Corps was ordered north to relieve the ANZACs (Australian/New Zealand Corps) at Passchendaele. If Passchendaele itself wasn’t Hell it was surely the foyer. The Ypres Salient was very familiar to the Canadians as it was here on April 22 1915 that they were exposed to the first use of poison gas deployed by the Germans. Here their reputation started and here in October of 1917 it would again be strengthened. Just 7 months before at Vimy it was confirmed and from October 1917 until the end of the Great War it would become enshrined in the History of this first World War. For 3 years the area around Passchendaele had been relentlessly pounded by artillery bombardments that the centuries old drainage system for this low lying area was totally destroyed. Now if one looked out from either frontline they gazed upon a pockmarked carpet of gluttonous mud, shattered trees, and filthy water filled craters where carcasses of the dead floated and hanging over all was the stench of putridness.
The Canadian Corps now under the command of Lt. Gen Arthur Currie were given the task of taking Passchendaele Ridge and Town. Upon inspecting the battleground Currie did not want to commit his corps but was overruled by his superiors. Currie immediately put the Canadians to work improving the roads and tramlines in order to move his artillery and ammunition up to their positions. Currie had predicted that the coming battle would result in 16,000 Canadian casualties. This was almost prophetic as the butchers bill was 15,654 dead and wounded. Since the Canadian Corps stood against the first German gas attack in April 1915 the Imperial High Command put the Canadians at the “Sharp End” of any thrust against German strong points. They became the British “Shock Troops” and in July of 1918 they would be called upon again in what is called “The Hundred Day Offensive” that ended the “War to end all Wars”. Twenty-one years later Canada would be called on again. One year and one day after Passchendaele the war ended and Canada had lost almost 60,000 dead. They are laid to rest in the fields of Flanders and Northern France. Some have never been found and some never identified so it is on November 11 of each year we honour them and all the other brave young men and women who go in Harms Way to keep us safe. LEST WE FORGET.

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USA: (Magical Republic) MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2017/10/20
In Orwell’s novel “1984” the language of Oceania is called “Newspeak” and methinks this will soon become the language of USA that Magical Republic. In Oceania there is the “Ministry of Love” (secret police, interrogation, and torture), Ministry of Peace (Ministry of War), and the Ministry of Truth (propaganda, alternate facts and History) in USA there is the Emperor.
The new combed-over Emperor keeps ranting about the media and “Fake News” this is, I think, a plot to eventually gain control of the news and undermine the truth. He has maligned and, I would hazard to say, slandered every major News outlet in USA but one, and that one wouldn’t know the truth if it bit it on the backside. It is almost as Yogi Berra said “Déjà vu” all over again as Trumps war against the media is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 30s. Tell a big lie long enough and it will become the truth.
The new Emperor labels all criticism, including that which is legitimate, of him and his court “Fake News” and the reporters of such as “Dishonest” people and they along with the media outlet they work for should have their credentials and their licenses investigated. If this should come about it is the first step along the road to control and censorship. The shadow of the “Ministry of Truth” looms large on the horizon. The Emperor like so many would be tyrants adheres to the 1st Amendment of their Constitution only when it is convenient. The majority of the time it is a nuisance and can be ignored.
If Emperor Comb Over isn’t ranting against the Media he is rattling his sabre, threatening fire and destruction to certain nations for developing nuclear weapons. At every opportunity he seems to deliberately provoke these nations and undermine the efforts to his Foreign Secretary to attempt a diplomatic solution. He publicly criticises his allies for not doing more and complains that certain treaties that have been made in the past are unfair to USA and need to be torn up and renegotiated. He has, it seems, set himself a gaol of demolishing all the work of previous administration and rewriting History to his liking. In his conceit he has proclaimed himself the “Greatest Deal Maker” a dubious title at best. His idea of deal making relies on innuendo, lies, threats, and bullying. He is the quintessential braggart and bully. He is to put it bluntly a “Head Case”.
This, orange-haired Emperor has little or no empathy or compassion in fact I think it is safe to say he tends to be very callous. The Republics’ armed forces lost 4 of it special forces warriors and when Orange-Hair call to wish condolences to one young widow who is with child he had the gall to say “Well he knew what he was getting into.” Such callousness is absolutely despicable and only an ignoramus would dare say that. Well unless something unforeseen should occur, like a bolt of lightning, the world is stuck with the Orange-Haired Emperor Comb- Over for the next 1, 441 days. Surely the Fates will not permit his re-election.