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The more I read the news especially American politics and the antics of their politicians the more thankful I am that I do not live in that country.  It is not that we up here do not have our share of nut bars but mercifully they are very few in comparison. Everyone knows that Ottawa has its whackos sitting in Parliament and they mostly sit on the Conservative side of the House.  Our Prime Minister, Steven Harper, is a vindictive, nasty big bully, who reminds me of a spoiled little brat who has to have his way. O.K I’m biased as I am a liberal but that doesn’t mean that I agree with or back every policy or idea they come up with. If the truth be known I do not have much use for politicians of any stripe but they like lawyers are a necessary evil.  It just seems to me though those politicians in a Republican type government are the worst of the lot.

That having been said let me add that our Parliamentary system isn’t the greatest either. To begin with we have our illustrious (infamous) Senate which is nothing but an appointed “Old Boys” club for political has-beens and cronies and should be abolished instanter. No need to debate about reforming it just put forth a Constitutional Amendment for abolition. Why these aging political hacks should have the power to change or return legislation to the House is beyond me. I personally believe that the “Commons” is the supreme power in the land.  Another thing that has to be eliminated is the party “Whip” to ensure that the members vote along the party line. To hell with what the constituents might want the party wants this so you had better toe the line. It seems that the “Free Vote” in Parliament is going the way of the Dodo bird. Our Parliament which is based on the British system including the Constitutional Monarchy is a good system but it could be better but for the foreseeable future it will plod along and when individuals of any side like our current P.M. are in charge things will continue to be screwed up.


As to our Constitutional Monarchy, well, being a monarchist I’m all for it. I know there are many in the land who wishes it to be abolished as they consider it a relic of Colonialism and it is costing us money. Well the only time it costs us money is when we invite the Monarch or members of the family to visit. As to it being a vestige of colonialism, absolute nonsense, just consider this, if it wasn’t for colonialism we more than likely wouldn’t be here after all the country as we now know it was settled by Europeans and the French established the first permanent colony.


Ever since mankind formed into tribes or clans there have been politicians, Chiefs and tribal elders, Kings and courtiers, Emperors and advisers, democracies and 1st ministers. Politicians have been with us for thousands of year and will more than likely be around when humanity becomes extinct. Because of the complexity of society as it grew larger we had to elect or appoint someone to represent us or our point of view whenever decisions had to be made on a national level. No longer the days of Athenian Democracy where every citizen voted on every piece of legislation. Can you imagine a voting system like that to-day in this country or countries with greater population. Whatever was trying to be accomplished would become obsolete before the vote was counted. So now we have our politicians who the vast majority of are lawyers which in turn creates work for their profession as most of the time you need a lawyer just to read the damn legislation. They sure know which side their bread is buttered on. We don’t like them but we need them. Hell of a conundrum .


My Opinion


In the play Henry II there is a line “Will no one rid me of this turbulent Priest” mayhaps Mr. Wayne Lapierre and his ilk at the N.R.A. should pay heed to it. The only problem with that though is it would make him a martyr (like Becket) in the eyes of his cohorts. Who knows they might canonize him as St. Wayne of the Winchester, Patron Saint of N.R.A.  I can just see some nut bar setting out to commit mass murder praying please St. Wayne bless my ammunition, all 1000 rounds, and make my Bushmaster fire straight and true with no jam ups.


It is a fore gone conclusion that you Yanks will always have your guns but if you believes in the law and the sanctity of life stop following the preaching of the N.R.A.  It is corrupting the meaning of your 2nd Amendment and all for money and power. To quote to you from the bible you all seem to love `Beware the false Prophet who comes to you wearing sheep clothing. The N.R.A. and its leadership are such false prophets out to make money from the gun and ammunition manufactures for they have turned from a gun club into a lobbying group.


The median and your government talk about home grown terrorists and all the while there sits the NRA which uses it power to terrorize your representatives into voting for the weapons maker’s agenda. Prime example of this was the resent vote in your congress on the Gun Control Legislation, it was voted down irregardless of the fact that the vast majority of Americans wanted stricter controls in place, the NRA is now boasting of its` success in defeating this bill, even disregarding the wishes of the majority of members. The power of money and the cowardice of politicians. Looking from the outside it seems to me that if you have enough money you can buy your government. Corporate America (along with the corporate world) don`t give a damn about the individual all they see is their bottom line. This free enterprise, capitalism run amok is the bane of freedom especially in the U.S. as the so called American Dream is a fallacy. 


Anyway it will do no good for outsiders like me to rant against their obsession with guns it is up to the people of America to get legislators elected who will do as the majority want and not cave in to the lobbyists and crackpots who seem to abound in their society.

My Opinion


“We was Robbed” the battle cry of the Republicans. The whining has begun and the leader seems to be Donald Trump , the leading contestant for the title “Mr. Elephants’ Ass”. This is a prime example of the spoiled little rich kid who can’t get his way. I think the perfect solution for Republicans in the next election is to run Trump and Palin, or Palin and Trump. This would surely result in the final death blow to the Republican Party. Already The Tea Party has proclaimed America Dead by Suicide, Calling for Revolution, and in general proving to the world just what lunatics they really are. Another big farce is all the Republicans who say they are moving to Canada. Yeah O.K. Hey idiots we have everything that you detest, Gay Marriages, Abortion, Gun Control, and Socialized Health Care. What; you really believe we want you up here trying to change what we find a perfectly good system. Don’t need yah. Don’t want yah. Stay south of the border where you can play with your guns and read your bibles and be the bigoted, racist red necks y’all are.

All Politics is a dirty, money, game and  the Americans have raised it  to an Art Form.  The cost of this election could either reach or exceed six billion dollars with the Republicans out doing the Democrats in the amount raised and spent.  No matter how you look at it, this is obscene. It is a blatant attempt, by both sides, to buy the Presidency, but then, when you emulate Rome(193 AD) why not. Now the finger pointing and the blaming will start in earnest with people like Adelson , the Koch bros., and other Republican rich wanting somebody’s ass for all that money spent and no return. Karl Rove comes to mind.

Well the election is over and the Yankees still have a Black Democratic President and don’t you just know how that pisses off all those bible thumping, gun totin’, beer guzzlin’ good old boys. What the Hey; looks good on them and as long as they don’t show up at the border with their U-Hauls full of crap I for one could care less. They are not welcome here, we have our own problems without a bunch of gator hunting, hog killing ,gun making ,duck calling,  wanna be Jeremiah Johnsons showing up at our door step. Don’t need yah. Sure as hell Don’t want yah. Y’all stay tuh home. Yuh hear.  I think I got that right. It’s hard to tell as the Yanks don’t speak proper English.



The end is in sight. “Tis voting day in that farce called the Presidential Election. At mid-night to-day the Big Top will come down and the rest of the circus will pack up and return to the warehouses where it will sit moulding until the next show in four years. The clowns of all stripe will remove their makeup  exposing their true faces and the Ringmasters’ whip will either be retained by the old  one or handed to the new one. Either way the world will get a much deserved break from the insanity.

Being raised, in and an advocate of, the “Westminster Parliamentary” form of government I find the U.S. Republic, system completely incomprehensible. One can win the popular vote but still lose as something called the Electoral College comes into play. All part of some elaborate scheme of checks and balances. If there is a way to complicate matters trust the Americans to find it. Compared to our system which is really quite simple; there are x number of ridings throughout the country each one representing a seat in Parliament. At election time each party puts forth a candidate for that seat and the party that wins the majority of seat forms the government with the leader of that party as Prime Minister. All cabinet members are chosen by the P.M. and must hold a seat in Parliament. Simple EH!. No electoral college, no President of one party and government of another party. The only problem with our system is the useless Senate which is appointed not elected and which we do not really need. Another good thing about our system is that the elections only go on for about 60 days not a year or more like in the States. Also we have one election for Parliament every 4 years again unlike , the U.S. with its’ Congressional elections every 2 years. How the hell do they get anything done when they are campaigning  half the time.

To-morrow morning the United States is going to wake up with half the population gloating and the other half madder than Hell. The millionaires on the losing side will be trying to figure out how to get their money back while the winning side is making up its’ Xmas list. The amount of money that Americans spend on their election is obscene and immoral. At least under our system there are very strict rules governing what can be spent and where it comes from. Although lately there has been some problems with that. The Americans elect everything, Sheriffs, Judges, Prosecutors, and it wouldn’t surprise me if in certain places the Dog Catcher is Elected. No system of government is perfect in fact perfection would be no government at all, but alas humanity is still to primitive for that but if we must be governed ( and we do) pick a system that is simple and as close to perfection as we can make it. What that is I don’t know as we have tried everything from Tribal Chiefs, to Monarchies, to Dictators, to Elected Leaders but only in America do the elections turn into Circuses. Maybe they should really simplify their system by having Trial by Combat, winner takes all for the next 4 years when a new challenger may enter the ring. Oh yeah no firearms allowed war clubs only, no substitutes, all candidates must register no sooner than 60 days prior to the final contest.  This Trial is to the Death.  




Freedom of Speech is a basic freedom that any society should enjoy, but  there should be limits set upon it. Some like the Americans will scream no. It is their belief that you should be able to say what you want, when you want, where you want, and to whom you please. I for one disagree. Freedom of Speech should have some limitations and no freedom should be absolute. Absolute Freedom is Anarchy.

In Canada, unlike the U.S. we have placed “Reasonable Limits on Freedom of Speech” which pertain mainly to Hate. In private you can say what you want , in public including the internet no and this is how it should be. No person, group, or organization should have the absolute right to publicly advocate bigotry, racism, or hate against another person. group, or organization. There must be limits and those limits enforced with laws. Some argue that we have slander and libel laws but those are civil laws not criminal laws. Hatred is a crime and as such falls under the Criminal Code.

In the United States you can pretty well say or write what you want so that gives bigots, racist, and hate mongers very broad latitudes. Radio host Ann Coulter and Congresswoman Bachman are examples of this uncontrolled freedom of speech. If Coulter had a radio show in Canada and uttered one word of her vileness she would be fired immediately and if she also held a law degree here be disbarred. If Bachman were an M.P, M.P.P, or M.L.A. even with Parliamentary Privilege, spoke here pogrom against Muslims and Islam she would be expelled from her Party and barred from Parliament. Both these individuals would also stand the excellent chance of the R.C.M.P. knocking on their doors with an arrest warrant for violation of the Anti-Hate Laws. This is how it should be.

I am no paragon of righteousness, I have my likes and dislikes but I do not nor have I ever hated someone. I do not like Islam but then I don’t like any religion mainly because I consider it all bunk. I don’t like fundamentalist, radicals, republicans, conservative, die hard socialists, or stupidity  but I don’t hate them, I just think there’re all whacko. Sometimes I really don’t like the U.S., but I don’t hate it. I just wish it wasn’t attached to Canada. It is perfectly alright to have likes and dislikes it is not alright to turn the dislike into hatred. All that does is beget more ,hatred which begets… ….  that leads to violence and people die.  Any truly free society knows that with the freedoms comes responsibility and with responsibility comes limits. No Freedom no matter how precious can be absolute. 



While thinking for words to describe the United States Presidential Election I turned to my Thesaurus and immediately stopped at Asinine(extremely stupid). I could include terms such as Dumb, Farce, ridiculous, idiotic, but I think Asinine covers it quite adequately . Then what else is to be expected from a country where a great many of its’ people think Heaven is the second stop light past the moon. The first one being the By-pass to Hell.

This Circus Maximus has been going on for eighteen months or more and like the original is, metaphorically speaking, a Blood Sport. Although it wouldn’t be the least surprising if some blood actually were drawn. An American Presidential Election is reminiscent of the Auctioning off of the Roman Empire in 192 C.E. It is an obscene display of wealth,  greed and, lust for power, with the electorate the dupes but unlike the auctioning of the Empire, this vulgarity takes place every four years. It is a battle between the Patricians (Republicans) and the Plebes (Democrats) with the victor being crowned the Elected Caesar. Both sides in this game are equally to blame for this degradation of the Democratic process. For every billionaire Republican there’s a billionaire Democrat all expecting some type of reward if their side wins. All willing to bend the rules and in some instances break them to get the edge on the other. Like all politicians they will promise anything as in the example of the 1928 election where the Republican National Committee came up with the slogan “a car in every back yard and a chicken in every pot”. They have though, stopped short of promising “the Keys to the Kingdom” mainly because they want those for themselves. The point is that they will distort the truth, make false promises and short of a “coup d’état” do anything to gain power and don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen at some point in time.

The United States touts itself as the greatest Democracy on Earth yet they have a Presidential election system that is, to put mildly, Dumb Ass. They have this thing called the Electoral College, don’t ask me what it is I don’t know, anyway, how it works is this. You can get the majority of votes but if you do not get a certain number of Electoral College Votes, guess what, you don’t get to wear the crown. They vote for the individual not the party so they can end up with a Dem. Pres, a Rep. Congress, and a Dem. Senate. Cabinet members are appointed not elected so the President can appoint any of his good buddies to a Cabinet Post as a reward for their support. This is as they say all part of the checks and balances. Sounds like banking terminology  to me.

Let us not forget the Religious and Birth aspects of their political system. In order to be President you must be born in the U.S. and prove it (can’t run the risk of some foreign subversive getting in) also you must be a Christian or at least a member of a cult that claims to be Christian. No Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhist, or Hindu allowed. Colour isn’t suppose to be a barrier but it’s better if “y’als a whitey” after all a Black or Asian might also be a subversive or just as bad a Socialist. You must also swear a blood oath that you will not upset the National Rifle Association by messing with the 2nd Amendment. They want to have it possible for some idiot whose pissed off at the President, or for that  matter anyone in society, to be able remedy their situation with a bullet.  It’s the American Way.





If you drop the first two letter in Republican you get Publican which is a person who owns a Pub. A purveyor of beer and other alcoholic beverages. The reason I mention this is that Mitt Romney seems to be imbibing in the stock and using up what profits he had. It seems lately that every time he opens his mouth he sticks his foot up his nether region. Well he wouldn’t be the first Publican to go out of business because he couldn’t keep his hands off the tap. Now I know that Mormons are not suppose to drink, so are Muslims, but I have met a few who could put it away. I worked with a Jewish chap who loved bacon and ham. For years Catholics weren’t  suppose to eat meat on Friday. In my house that rule was constantly broken. The point is lots of rules get tossed aside. I don’t care if Romney has a nip now and then. That’s his business but sometimes when he speaks one has to wonder if he didn’t have a few fortifiers before getting in front of an audience.

Romney like most rich people doesn’t know what it is to work for a living. He was born into money and that’s Ok but the vast majority of people aren’t that lucky and have to work and struggle to get by. In all the years I worked I never made more than $40,000.00 a year before taxes. There are people out there that will spend that on clothing for a month. They haven’t got a clue and sadly they don’t want to. Even now being retired my income from pensions is below the poverty line but I’m not complaining because I have more spending cash than I ever had in my working life. From what I have seen and read most Republicans have bought into the American myth that anyone can become rich if they work hard and persevere. Well that is not the case because the working people are subject to the ups and downs of the economy. How the Hell can you become rich if you have no job and the Fates help you if you are an American and become seriously ill and have no insurance. You’ll be bankrupt and have lost everything including you house just to pay the medical bills.

Romney was talking about the 47% of Americans who are victims of the government because of the social safety net. Agreed they are victims but not because of welfare but because of all the jobs that are either shipped overseas or the corporations close factories because they didn’t make ten million in profit only nine point nine. Romney increased his wealth through Bain Capital by buying up companies then selling  them off with the result of tens of thousands of jobs lost. Tell me what is the difference between Romney and his ilk to the Robber Barons of the 19th Century like Astor, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt. Neither them nor the modern day magnates give a damn about the working classes. Yet if not for them they wouldn’t have a proverbial pot to pee in. To me Republican is synonymous to Rapine, which is defined as Plundering or Robbing. The only difference to-day is Rapine is done with Politics and laws, whereas in the old days if some Lord or Chieftain wanted what you had he just took it and if you resisted you died. Just as bad but far less hypocritical wouldn’t  you say.

The money boys behind the Republican Party must be scratching their butts in perplexity, what with, first McCain and Palin, now Romney and Ryan. For the second time they have come up with candidates that forget to put their brain in gear before the open their mouth. I think I have come up with a winning team for the Republicans in 2016. Santorum and Palin. If they don’t win then terminate the party and start a new one.





Is Republican synonymous with Stupidity? Or is Mitt Romney just moronic? From what I have been reading and listening to of late makes me wonder. If the people of the United States elect him as President then I hope that the God they so fervently believe in has mercy on them. For the rest of the world won’t.

It seems to me that the man is an habitual extortionist when it comes to the truth and his running mate, Paul Ryan is in just as bad. The Mormon (Cult?) and the Roman Catholic, politics does make strange bed fellows. They either blatantly lie, lie by omission, or twist and distort the facts so badly that it would make Goebbels blush. This latest occurrence with the attacks in Egypt and Libya resulting in the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya is pounced upon by Romney and without all the facts blames Obama and his foreign policy. Accusing the President of sympathizing with the Muslim extremist and apologizing for America. Romney’s experience in foreign relations  is having lived  in Mexico, vacationing in Canada and doing missionary work in France plus making a trip to London where he criticized the Olympics. This man who believes that J.C. visited North America after he rose from the dead would be President. If the Yanks elect this nut bar they deserve what they get.

Problem is if he becomes Pres. then we in Canada also have to deal with him and his gang of fellow morons. To add to the problem he will more than likely be aided and abetted by the wanna be Republican we have for Prime Minister. Republicans and Conservative are the Bain (pun intended) of Politics. The new Robin Hoods. Steal from the poor and give to the rich. Let the Serfs do all the back breaking work and starve while, The Moneyed Aristocracy eat cake. I remember reading somewhere that even to-day Mormons are allowed to ceremoniously take other wives who will join them when they die and are transported to the Planet Kolob. One way of getting around the polygamy Laws. Why any sane person, man or woman, would want multiple spouses is beyond me. I had trouble with my ex and I know she had trouble with me.

Where do the Republicans dig up their candidates? There must be a secret cache hidden somewhere in their country. How else could you come up with people like George W. Bush, an intellectual giant (pygmy) if ever there was one. Man invented a whole new language, Bushish. Sarah Palin whose brain resides in her right baby toe and is constantly under pressure from her snow shoes. Now they have dug up Willard Mitt Romney. Is that Mitt as in baseball mitt or let us depart mitt all de gelt? This guy did missionary work. Not in some place where it might of helped the needy but in France. Jean d’ Arc must have been rolling in her grave at the thought of a non-Catholic of English descent doing missionary work in the country she helped throw the English out of. Tell me the Fates don’t have a sense of humour.

American politics, especially their Presidential Campaign is a circus the only thing missing is the Gladiators and I’m sure if they could figure a way to make that legal we would be watching them on Prime Time. To-nights’ main bout is between Mitt, the champion of the Patricians and Barrack the Plebeian Crusader, the prize an all expense paid trip to Washington and a four year stay at that luxury resort The White House. Let the games begin. 



What is this obsession that American Politicians, especially the Republicans have about religion and god. It seems they cannot utter a sentence without inserting a reference to this mythological creature. That’s what it is, a myth, as this creature with more aliases than you can count has been around since before recorded history as a means of explaining the natural forces that primitive humans couldn’t understand. Crops failed therefore god must be angry. A volcano erupts, quick grab a couple of virgins and throw them in god is horny. An eclipse occurs good thing we have a few hundred prisoner whose hearts we can cut out and offer because god is hungry and thirsty. A Tsunami is coming so instead of running everyone kneels and prays and drowns. Someone gets hit by lightening and everybody says the poor bugger must have really pissed god off. Even to-day  some American politicians have said that god is punishing their country because they have turned from him. Anything to get votes or money. Whose is worse the politician or the great many simpletons who believe this claptrap. Here in the True North if a politician started spouting this nonsense he would be laughed out of office. Hell he wouldn’t get elected. Religion has no business in politics so keep it to yourself thank you.

To a good many outside observers there seems to be this unhealthy preoccupation with religion among a large part of the American populace. Their firm belief that the bible is the literal word of god even though it conflicts with the reality around them shows an inherent fear of science and knowledge. Any scientific certainty is heretical and blasphemous. They are so narrow minded and blind that there is no place for fact or truth. Some states have passed legislation denouncing Evolution as a theory when it is fact and want Creationism given equal credit and taught in schools. What’s next the Flat Earth Society will be given credence and while we are at it lets go back to the Aristotle Theory of the Universe. What intelligent person could honestly believe that the Earth is 6,000 to 10,000 years old, was created in 6 days and that T-Rex was a vegetarian that lived peacefully with man. I’ve held rocks from the Shield that were at least 3 billion years old and if man and T-Rex were around at the same time they would have been a rather tasty little snacks. It is amazing how the semi-educated can be so gullible to whatever cock-a-maimy tale comes along and those that perpetrate these idiocies should be run out of town on a rail. How the snake oil sellers have progressed.

We live in a world of science and technology, explore our solar system and the depths of our oceans, we have walked on our moon and sent robots to the other planets. New inventions roll of the drawing boards every day, and wonders to behold with even greater wonders ahead. With a world such as this what rational person can stay mired in the myth and superstition of the Dark Ages cowered in fear of anything different or new. If this so called god did create man then he screwed up because he gave us a brain and an inquiring mind. I once read  “That god created man so that Man could create god.” I think we screwed up also and went kind of overboard on our creation.





If the U.S. were some third rate piss ant  little power no-one would give a damn about their politics and who they elected. Well we all know ,that is not the case and what scares the Hell out of me and I think a lot of people, is that someday they will elect a whacko Tea Party Republican President who will blow half the world up. After which, from his mile deep bunker, will claim that god ordered him to do it. American Politicians rant about how some radical fundamentalist Muslim leader might get his hands on the Nuclear button and start Armageddon when that possibility just might exist in their own back yard if some radical Christian becomes leader. Now I am very irreligious and know very little about any religion other than the one I was originally raised in , Catholicism. I know the fundamental tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and other than the basic moral code reject them all. I have my own beliefs and I do not pontificate about them and I expect the same courtesy from others. I also realize that is like asking the sun not to rise to-morrow. To me beliefs are personal and private. If you know a lot of people who believe as you do then it’s only natural that you gather together and talk or worship, but don’t try to stuff your beliefs down my throat. I really don’t care.

A thousand years ago everyone believed the world was flat and if you went too far in any direction you would fall off the edge. Well that never happened because much to everyone’s surprise the world was round. They also believed that the Sun revolved around the earth, guess what, wrong again. Science and logical observation had won out over superstition and everyone accepts these facts. It is now the 21st century and still people cling to the fairy tale of Creationism. Evolution is not a theory it is a fact. Our world is not 10,000 years old but 4.5 billion years old. It evolved and eventually brought forth life which also evolved. To the fundamentalist this is of course blasphemy and heretical. They turn to their religious books, which were written by men, and scream your wrong this is the word of god and he said he created the world and all in it. In the Christian world the fundamentalist hammer away with this and the most hammering is done by the American bible thumpers. It they wish to believe this and remain closed minded that is, of course their right, just stop trying to force your beliefs on others. Keep religion, all religion out of politics.

Now I am going to assume that some whacko will not become president of the worlds’ greatest military power, but then in the last century what sane person would have believed that butchers like Stalin and Hitler would have rose to power. Anything, no matter how remote is possible. Maybe aliens from another world will arrive and wipe us out because they see us as a threat to the peace and stability of the Universe. Klaatu and Gort might be entering our system even as I write.

Well the election in the U.S. will be over in November and chances are the country will continue relatively undisturbed in its’ arrogance  for at least the next 4 years.