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                                   PSYCHOTIC GOD


I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher the other night and as usual at the end of New Rules he comments on a subject. Now the whole World by now know that Maher is an Atheist and that is his right. I am a Pantheist and since I do not believe in a god personified that sort of makes me an atheist. Hey no problem. I find it very hard to believe in some really old guy with a long white beard sitting on a throne in some mythical kingdom called heaven. Well to get back on subject Maher talked about a god who is a psychotic killer who loves wiping out whole civilization as he did when he created the so called great flood which drowned men, women, children and babies. He must have been some pissed off.

The bible is full of such stories about this so called god killing those who disagree with him or have the audacity to question? Of course he had a great gang of henchmen in the chosen people the Israelites. Of course he held a good prize (bribe) for them their own country. Didn’t matter that it occupied by someone else just wipe them out and it’s yours. Great god that one.

This so called god was an angry revengeful nut case, in other words Psychotic, also he was a misogynist didn’t much like women because he allowed them to be blamed for just about everything. Take poor Eve she finds out that the forbidden fruit is sex and she likes it so he throws her and hubby Adam out of the garden. Hell he should have given her a medal for discovering the best past time ever. No he wanted to keep that to himself. Guess he was boinking his female angels and didn’t want anyone else to have fun.


This god encouraged and condoned genocide. He also used his type of nukes to wipe 2 cities, Sodom& Gomorrah because according to him they were wicked. He also killed Lots’ wife because she dared to look back at the destruction. It seems he forbade anyone to be a living witness to his mass murder so he turned the one person who looked into a pillar of salt. I mean you disobeyed this guy at your own peril. Look what he did to the Egyptians on what the Jews refer to as Passover. If this isn’t the work of a revengeful psychotic I don’t know what is’


The Christian fundamentalist (bible thumpers) believe all the fairy tales in the bible but they call what the Grimm Brothers and others wrote Fairy Tales. Explain to me the difference, oh yeah the bible is the word of god. No people I’ll stick to my Pantheists belief because it is a lot safer. The Universe doesn’t know or really care that I exists so when I screw up I’m not going turned into anything or blast from existence by a hurled lightning bolt.