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                                     DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?

                             {From the song entitles “Do you Believe in Magic by The Lovin’Spoonfull}


Someone who is close to me writes a fantastic Blog. His latest is “Don’t Explain Away the Magic”   and as usual it is up to par. After reading it I got to thinking that even though I’m an “Old Guy” I still believe in magic maybe because deep down inside buried under all the science, life experience, and cynicism I’m still a kid. Albeit a big kid. The thing is that I am in my own way having fun so I don’t really want to grow up and face the world and all its’ woes. I look at it like this, I’m 71, and thank the Universe I’m still pretty alert. This of course will not last. In a few years the mind will slow down even more my legs will finally give out and I will have to face the fact that I won’t be riding my E-Scooter and the old pump will no longer beat as strong if at all without the help of a pace maker. Until that day I am ‘going to enjoy my life.


It is the opinion of this writer that we see magic all around us.  We call most of it science but in some respects it is one and the same thing. There is an energy force all around, it is Creation itself. That energy manifest its’ power in the lives of every living thing on this planet and in the rest of the Universe. It is also present in the wind and water, the stars and galaxies, and in the very ground we stand and tread on every moment of our lives. Even though we know the science behind the creation of a baby human there is still a sense of something magical in the creation of a life.


I remember back when I was a young boy how I believed the Magic of Santa Klaus and the Tooth Fairy. Now a days it seems to me that a lot of this has gone because of the commercialism and the facts that a lot of modern day parents don’t want their to believe in what they call lies and nonsense.  To me it is the right of every child to believe in magic because soon enough they will grow up and enter the world of an adult where there is little or no room for magic.





The thing that I find about God and Creationism is that it is illogical and this is from someone who isn’t that big on logic. It just doesn’t make sense.  How be,  I put forth this hypothesis that in a Universe Far, Far, Away a young would be scientist with a home chemistry set cooked us up in his Moms` micro-wave. No. Well it makes just as much sense as some Mythological Omnipotent Deity waking up bored one morning saying let`s see what we can do to-day for amusement. I know I`ll make a Universe with a special planet and put creatures on it that can worship me and seeing as I`m so handsome and beautiful I`ll make one look like me and so I don`t upset the wife make one look like her. Is that better?

I believe in evolution as it is the only logical way that creation began. I admit I don’t know what started it all but I think it is entirely plausible that we are the result of some type of reaction that occurred in a bigger Universe and voila, boom, here we is. Makes more sense than someone or thing saying “Let there be”. Same goes for life. It makes far more sense to me that we are the end result of chemical and biological reactions than that same someone picking up a hand full of dirt, spitting on it to make mud, moulding it in their image and breathing life into it. I like the idea than I am made of Star Stuff because that means what is the essence of me is immortal. Energy can neither be created or destroyed just converted.

Thirteen billion years is a long time to us, so is the four and a half billion that our world has been around, but in the scheme of things, we just popped out of the womb. According to the big brains our Sun and Solar system are about half way through their life span. That is mind boggling, but if the human race doesn’t screw up royally and annihilate itself, just think what we could or will accomplish. Perhaps in a few hundred years or so we will have matured enough to realize religion of any stripe is merely mythology created by a species that when it was much younger could only explain the world around them in this way. Natural phenomena like storms and earthquakes were signs that the Gods, or God was angry and the stars were tiny holes in the fabric of heaven letting the light shine through. We have come a long way but still have even farther to go on our journey. Perhaps someday in the far distant future, if we go far enough we’ll run into that kid with the chemistry set trying to explain to his Mom how he blew the micro wave up. 

Pee Oed


This morning in the newspaper I read an article about parents wanting to pull their kids out of certain classes in school because it conflicts with their religious beliefs. The paper called it “an unusual alliance of conservative Christians and Muslims” sending a stock letter demanding that teachers inform them when subjects such as , sex, homosexuality, birth control, evolution, wizardry, and environmental worship, are being taught so they can pull their children from those classes. What the Hell is going on? If I didn’t know better I swear I was living in the U.S. Bible Belt or some Islamic Republic.

These parents do not want Evolution or wizardry (which I assume is Science)and environmental worship (Environmental Science) taught to their children because it is against their religious beliefs (myths) such as Creationism. They seem to prefer that their offspring be raised in ignorance and superstition, a return to the “Dark Ages”. If this is what they want then why are they living in Canada and not some back water country where their way is the norm. Last week there was an article in the Huffington Post entitled “If you believe in Evolution, you must be Canadian” and according to it a study showed that the majority of us and Brits believe in it. Nothing really surprising there as Evolution is the only logical explanation for our existence.

It seems that there are those who would turn the clock back to the 5th century when the barbarian hordes of Eastern Europe and Asia overwhelmed civilization and plunged us in to a darkness that took 900 years to rise out of with the birth of the Renaissance. What I find perplexing is that during those times Islam was a guiding light in the Arts, Science, Medicine, and mathematics. With the invention of Algebra, and perhaps their greatest contribution in math, the simple zero, they change the world forever. Now all that great creative activity has reverted to fundamentalism and dogma.  Christianity can take its’ full share of the blame as It did more to stifle and withhold human advancement in the western world than all of barbarism combined. Any idea that challenge the authority of the Church was heresy and the stake awaited those who proposed it. Now in the 21st century the Hydra of Superstition and Ignorance is stirring again straining at its’ chains in the depths of Hades, all in the name of Religion and superstition.

Seven hundred years ago the torch was relit and humanity has advance in its’ light and admittedly has stumbled along the way but always recovering and moving forward. There is a perpetual war being waged between those who would extinguish the light and those who would make it burn brighter. Between those who would hide in dogma and darkness and those who would challenge the Universe. Those groups, here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who are challenging the public education system because it does not conform to their religious beliefs have a choice, accept the system or enroll their children in private religious school but they won’t do that as they would have to pay. They will instead continue with their challenges and law suits in the hopes of forcing their beliefs on everyone else. All I can say is good luck “SnowBalls”.



What is this obsession that American Politicians, especially the Republicans have about religion and god. It seems they cannot utter a sentence without inserting a reference to this mythological creature. That’s what it is, a myth, as this creature with more aliases than you can count has been around since before recorded history as a means of explaining the natural forces that primitive humans couldn’t understand. Crops failed therefore god must be angry. A volcano erupts, quick grab a couple of virgins and throw them in god is horny. An eclipse occurs good thing we have a few hundred prisoner whose hearts we can cut out and offer because god is hungry and thirsty. A Tsunami is coming so instead of running everyone kneels and prays and drowns. Someone gets hit by lightening and everybody says the poor bugger must have really pissed god off. Even to-day  some American politicians have said that god is punishing their country because they have turned from him. Anything to get votes or money. Whose is worse the politician or the great many simpletons who believe this claptrap. Here in the True North if a politician started spouting this nonsense he would be laughed out of office. Hell he wouldn’t get elected. Religion has no business in politics so keep it to yourself thank you.

To a good many outside observers there seems to be this unhealthy preoccupation with religion among a large part of the American populace. Their firm belief that the bible is the literal word of god even though it conflicts with the reality around them shows an inherent fear of science and knowledge. Any scientific certainty is heretical and blasphemous. They are so narrow minded and blind that there is no place for fact or truth. Some states have passed legislation denouncing Evolution as a theory when it is fact and want Creationism given equal credit and taught in schools. What’s next the Flat Earth Society will be given credence and while we are at it lets go back to the Aristotle Theory of the Universe. What intelligent person could honestly believe that the Earth is 6,000 to 10,000 years old, was created in 6 days and that T-Rex was a vegetarian that lived peacefully with man. I’ve held rocks from the Shield that were at least 3 billion years old and if man and T-Rex were around at the same time they would have been a rather tasty little snacks. It is amazing how the semi-educated can be so gullible to whatever cock-a-maimy tale comes along and those that perpetrate these idiocies should be run out of town on a rail. How the snake oil sellers have progressed.

We live in a world of science and technology, explore our solar system and the depths of our oceans, we have walked on our moon and sent robots to the other planets. New inventions roll of the drawing boards every day, and wonders to behold with even greater wonders ahead. With a world such as this what rational person can stay mired in the myth and superstition of the Dark Ages cowered in fear of anything different or new. If this so called god did create man then he screwed up because he gave us a brain and an inquiring mind. I once read  “That god created man so that Man could create god.” I think we screwed up also and went kind of overboard on our creation.





It was announced to-day that at 2:45 P.M. Neil Armstrong , the first Human to set foot on an Extra-terrestrial body, The Moon, died. from complications after heart surgery a few weeks ago. 

At 02:56 UTC, (GMT), 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped off the Lunar Lander onto the surface of the Moon with the words “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” and became immortal. In the next 3 1/2 years there would be six more landings the last being in 1972. Armstrong was the first but he will not be the last. Although it has been 43 years since man last visited our closest neighbor in space we will and must return someday to establish a permanent settlement. The Moon is the stepping stone to the other planets and the stars. For the stars are our destiny and our destination. Humankind are explorers, seekers of knowledge with an insatiable  curiosity to know the unknown. There is little left to explore ,on our planet, except for the depths of the ocean, so it is only logical that we go up and out. Mars, the Asteroid Belt, the Moons of Jupiter and Saturn and beyond til one day we leave our Solar System and set course of Alpha Centauri/Proxima the nearest star, 4 1/2 light years away. Once we attain or exceed the speed of light there will be no stopping us. The U.S. Apollo program and Neil Armstrong were the beginning.

 There are those who would say this is all science fiction but it is not. The Human species is limited only by its’ imagination. If it can be dreamt it can be accomplished. Armstrongs’ step was someone elses dream which he helped make reality. The moon landings were part of the space race which was part of the cold war. When the cold war ended the space race became space co-operation and now we have the International Space Station and send robots to Mars and beyond. I wonder if the Wright brothers or Goddard fully realized what they were starting. 

To Neil Armstrong I say “Ahead Warp Factor 10” and watch out for the speed trap out by Vega. 



The Oxford  Canadian Dictionary defines befuddlement as being confused/being drunk. Well I know I’m not drunk as I gave up drinking almost 40 years ago so that leaves confused. Now everyone has been confused at times and as one grows older so does the susceptibility to confusion increase. Especially in a world which seems to change every nanosecond. By the way when I was a kid no one ever heard of a nano anything, what the hell do I need  a nano for. My watch counts hours, minutes, and seconds so why do I have to know that every nanosecond 50 zillion particles of something pass through my body.

First there was the molecule then the atom, then the proton, electron, neutron, tachyon, quark, and now something called the Higgs Boson or God Particle. What’s next the Jones mini  boson. How bloody far down are they going to go. They say with this discovery they have found what gives everything in the Universe mass, OK,  what causes it to give particles mass. Hell this could go on ad infinitum getting smaller and smaller until, what?  

I have come up with my own solution to my befuddlement and confusion and it is really quite simple. 13.7 billion years ago a very large Universe had a case of  flatulence and with a rather loud bang passed gas which expanded until  whatcha know here we is. Simple isn’t it. No befuddlement no confusion. Now I know that in the scientific community this is a major discovery in helping to understand our Universe and why things are the way they are. but why call it the God particle. He/she/ has nothing to do with it. It is merely another piece of the glorious puzzle that is the Universe.