My Opinion




I, for one, would rather believe that I am the result of millions of years of Evolution than some supposedly Supreme Being picking up a handful of dirt, spitting on it and moulding it into a likeness of himself. If this is so then he is not much of a sculptor.


Growing up I was taught all about God and how he created the world and everything in it. As I grew into a teen I began to question this concept. Some great all-powerful being sitting somewhere in a place called heaven doing all this. At the age of 15 I read about the Theory of Evolution and it occurred to me that this made a hell of a lot more sense than some God, who was supposedly lonely, making mankind from a clump of mud. If you believe that I have a nice ocean view property on Venus I can give you a deal on. The Americans right goes on about their Christian Founding Father when in reality most were Deist and somewhat skeptical about creation as stated in the bible. They believed that God might have created the Universe but then stepped back and sort of said” OK I got you started now it is up to you, go to it and have fun”. That is a bit more probable than the Creation story but it still way off base.


 Some 13 to 14 billion years ago the Big Bang went off and the Universe came into existence. Hey maybe Gods’ son was playing with his chemistry set and accidently blew up the lab. The result, “THE UNIVERSE”. Way to go kid.  Yeah like I really believe that also. There is a theory, I believe it is called “The Bulk Universe Theory” that some physicists think is how our Universe came into being. Now I am definitely not a physicist, hell to this day I neither understand nor can  do algebra but I have to say using my limited intelligence this sure sounds far more logical to me. Of course I could be wrong and maybe God farted and all that gas coalesced into all the stars and planets.  The point is the most brilliant men on the planet don’t really know how it all came to be but at least they are rejecting the “Creationist’ bunk. Religion and Science do not mix well together they are akin to oil and water. Oil representing science and enlightenment rises above the water, religion, which represents superstition and dogma.


It boggles the mind to hear that there are people who actually believe the world is only 5 or 6 thousand years old and that Man and Dinosaur co-inhabit the world at the same time. As I have said before if man was around when old T-Tex was we would have made a delicious between meals snack. The Creationists point to Job in the Old Testament which in some part mentions something about a great animal, Behemoth so they relate this behemoth to the Dinosaurs. Sounds to me that old Job might have had a bit too much date wine, just like those people who claim to have seen the Loch Ness monster after a few hours in the local pub. The Old Testament started as an oral tradition amongst the nomadic desert dwellers and finally when they became semi-civilized and learn to write put to parchment. It is akin to the Iliad written by Homer 500 years after the event. There is however one good thing that came out of it and that is the moral code set down bur not by a God written on some tablets but by the developing needs within that society. When you are a nomadic people wander around there has to be rules after all you can’t go stealing your neighbours’ camel, or boinking wife tends to cause bad feelings.

The Old Testament is a great Fairy Tale full of raving beasts, murder, sex, war, with lots of blood and guts thrown in. It has its’ heroes and villains, Kings, and slaves, but that’s all it is an embellished History of the Hebrews as they establish their society. These people thought the world was flat and who can blame them living in a desert, they hadn’t a clue as to what caused lightening or earthquakes so they put it down to the wrath of their God.  To them Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped because old Jehovah was po-ed about something. Maybe he was miffed that they never invited him to their parties because the Gods did like their wine and women. Later on he was said to have impregnated one so he could have a son. Sounds like he took a page out of old Zeus’ book.


Well enough of this, people are entitled to their belief but they are not entitled to spread ignorance to others. If you really want to believe that one of your progenitors had a T-Rex for a pet, fine, just don’t ask me to believe it.