Condemned bldg



I was sitting in the lobby this afternoon and per usual there were people coming and going some stopping to chap for awhile. One chap who recently moved in showed up and he is not to well liked especially by one of the ladies. A week or so ago this friend was sitting down there with a bunch of us and she was eating some chocolates, she asked if she had chocolate on her face and this chap walked over and rubbed his hand rather roughly and forcibly twice, over her face. Not a very gentlemanly thing to do. One does not touch a lady without permission.
Most days around here are so quiet one would think you were in a mortuary. Damn boring at times. Then there are the days when it gets a bit noisy with the chatter and laughter. Those days are the best. Especially the times that I am the butt of the conversation or joke. I must admit I have walked eyes wide open into a few good zingers. Like I’ve said time and again if you can’t laugh at yourself you might as well roll over and pull the sod on top of you. It is quieter it seems in the doldrums of winter when the sky is grey and the temp crashes. When it snows it can be quiet pretty and quiet but like most of us older folk we end up hating the stuff. Where we are located the wind comes most from the west and north and it can have a bitter edge to it taking the breath away and leaving you panting. When it is in the low minus it isn’t too bad if there is no wind but when old Boreas starts to huff and puff it gets dangerously cold at times.
Maybe the following will describe it better……
Arctic wind roaring south
Across the barren shield
Driving snow and ice before
Heralding winters’ birth.
Trees stand stark
Against the sky
Denuded of their leaves
Branches rattle, bend
Then break weighted
By the ice.
Snow drifts high
Against the boles
Smothering all beneath
In dens and lairs
The creatures burrow
Their sleep disturbed the least.
The clouds above an angry grey
Move on towards the south
Soon farms and towns
Will feel the blast from
Boreas’ icy mouth
The streams and rivers
From water turn
To icy paths and
Snow lies deep
In serried dunes
A desert born in snow
D. McArthur
I wrote that 7 or 8 years ago when I was in my poetry phase. When I posted it on a chat site I once belong to it was nicely received with many compliments coming my way. Felt good that our American Cousins rather enjoyed it.
Well we still have 68 days until the official start of spring. Of course this doesn’t mean the weather will immediately turn warm. No that usually takes a few weeks more. Spring when it finally shows its’ face will be greatly appreciated for that means in 92 more days the summer will arrive and we will spend the next 3 months complaining how bloody hot and humid it is. Hey! As seniors it our right to complain it comes with the territory.



Maori war club

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls. Bashing time is here. The problem is who or what is to be bashed in this session. It is not my place to name names but I think a subject worthy of a good bashing is Senior Citizens’ Buildings. No so much the building per se but the community corporation which administers these domiciles. Perhaps domicile is too polite a term methinks warehouse would be far more appropriate. Even if it is new facility with all the modern conveniences a warehouse by any other name is still a warehouse.

I personally reside in such a warehouse albeit a nice looking one but as stated still a warehouse. It is a warehouse because of the attitude of the bureaucrats that staff the community corporate headquarters of this establishment along with a number of others in the region I live in. Now I fully understand, in fact totally comprehend, how the geared to income community buildings are operated. The powers that be are responsible to the higher powers of the region who in turn are responsible to the Provincial powers who in the long run get a portion of their monies from the Federal system. I know that the people immediately up the chain of command from we tenants have rules and regulations to follow and a budget to work within. All fine and dandy. That is not the problem that I am in the process of bashing. It is the attitude of the local bureaucrats that I have set my sights upon.
As an ex-soldier and now a veteran I will couch some of my comments in military parlance. All these lower level bureaucrats have within easy accessibility a copy of which I shall refer to as “THE QUEENS RULES AND REGULATION FOR GOVERNANCE OF THE WAREHOUSING OF HER MAJESTYS’ SENIOR CITIZENS IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO”. My apologies to her Majesty as I know she has no direct knowledge of the subject of which I am bashing. “Tis merely a title I have given to the governing directives for carrying out the duties of those in charge of the warehouses.Anyway all middle and lower level “crats” (my name for Bureaucrats) carry these rules and regs about with them or have almost instant access to them so they can attempt to and in many instances overwhelm or intimidate an individual who has the temerity to complain. Now being an ex-sergeant in the army I have a fair idea how the system works so when they spout their rules and regs I merely point out that, that is their interpretation of the said rule and that if I put a thousand people in a room and gave them the rules and regs to read there would be a thousand different interpretations.

In the warehouse where I abide there are a large number of tenant who are afraid to speak out because they fear they will be evicted. Under Provincial Law speaking one’s mind is not grounds for eviction. If it were there would be untold numbers of homeless in the Province and Country. There are also some tenants who should not be here but instead be in facilities that can monitor and look after them. There are a few that I know whom it seems to me have been dumped here by their families just to get them out of the way. You know out of sight out of mind. This is in my opinion merely another form of senior abuse and the families that do it should be charged. As I said some tenants are afraid to speak up but rest assured I am not one. This is one individual who does not believe in going quietly into the night. I have on occasion been known to really stir the pot when I think my cause is just and let me tell you I have a very large ladle. So be forewarned all you housing “CRATS” if I have reason I will complain and if need be stir the pot to boiling when I see or hear of something that just doesn’t sit right. I have dealt with bureaucracies in the past and they do not frighten, intimidate, nor cow me. Also being a good Celt there is nothing we Celts like more than a good brouhaha. You know I always feel so good after a good bashing I think I will be doing far more of it. I will however set one major off limit, verboten area and that is the “MONARCHY”.