RAMBLINGS 2018 (17)


Well today is Municipal Election day in Ontario and I finally for the first time voted in a Municipal Election. Usually I just vote in the Provincial or Federal Elections. Now that I’m a senior and live in subsidized housing I have taken an interest in what is happening in the town and region. Another thing that made me start taking interest is the fact that my son-in-law works for the region. So, shortly after the polls close at 8:00pm the results will start coming in. I voted for all new people except one. I noticed that the ballots were not the old paper fold up type but a paper sheet on which you marked your choices and handed them to a person standing behind some kind of electronic device that pulled the sheet inside it. I assume it automatically tabulates the ballot.

The results are in and Burlington has a new mayor Marianne Mead Ward and best of all Duffus Dennison councillor for Ward 4 got booted out and replaced by Shawna Stolte and Gary Carr remains Halton Region Chairman. All in all, damn good results. I met Dennison last year at a meeting to discuss speed bumps on our street because it is a 500 metre drag strip and after a few seconds I realized that he was, to put it mildly, a DUFFUS who had to go.
Just got in from my appointment with my Cardiologist. I’m going to live for awhile longer which is nice to know. She was quite pleased with my test results. When I heard my heart beating it reminded me of the old plunger type washing machine my Mom had, WHOOOS, WHOOOS, weird.
Found out this morning that the woman tenant, who has been my nemesis for five years over where I park my Scooter, is moving out in 9 days. No more being blocked in or having to argue with her to get her to move her med-chair.

It is now 2:30 Thursday afternoon and this day is shot. I haven’t done a damn thing except tidy up and sorting through a bunch of junk to get rid off. Most boring. Hope tomorrow bodes well as the start of cabin fever season is still over a month away. Tomorrow is food bank day in the building, hope they have some decent stuff for a change as lately what they have been handing out is mostly “Rabbit Food” (veggies).

I went down to the food bank and the only things that appealed to me were the potatoes and I got halt a pineapple. I love pineapple. Well that it for this mundane ramble. Let’s hope I can find something exciting for the next one.




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